Sunday, March 27, 2011

bangkok noodles. mhmm:)

i'm pretty excited for these.
but i'm more excited for the thai peanut noodles. which i haven't posted yet, have i? those things are more addicting and palatable, personally. but i like these ones a lot.
isn't this exciting; we get to matchstick those carrots!
a note: this new add-on to the house "menu" was inspired by noodles & co.'s dish that anna loves.
we love sriracha sauce now.
first time we've ever used rice noodles....
everyone who saw them soaking in the huge stainless steel bowl of hot water looked at them funny. :)
all the awesome red sauces anna used in bangkok noodles:)
saute some mushrooms, garlic, ginger....
yeah . . . rice noodles.
they're different for sure, but good nonetheless!
that there in the bowl: coconut milk, red sauces (i believe) and soy sauce. i think. oh! and the bowl far to the right? lime juice. from my bare hands. um. that didn't sound right. heh. it was hard work, is what i'm trying to say!
matchsticked carrots and broccoli.
healthy; that's all i think of when i see this picture.

mix it up.
the end:)

oh, here's the recipe. and the link. since you might want them. ;)

Coconut Curried Vegetables with Shrimp
serves 6-8

    * 1 lb rice noodles (from your favorite Asian market)
    * 1 cup broccoli (cut into florets)
    * 1 cup carrots (matchstick or julienne cut)
    * ½ cup scallions (cut on the bias)
    * ½ cup red peppers (matchstick or julienne cut)
    * 1 cup fresh sliced mushrooms
    * 1 tbsp fresh ginger (peeled & chopped)
    * 1 tbsp Thai curry paste (red or green)
    * 1 tbsp canola oil
    * 1 can “lite”coconut milk (from your favorite Asian market)
    * 1 tbsp sweet soy sauce, low sodium (from your favorite Asian market)
    * ½ cup sweet chile sauce (from your favorite Asian market)
    * 1 tsp black sesame seeds (from your favorite Asian market)
    * 24 shrimp (16-20 peeled & de-veined)

cooking procedures:
   1. Soak noodles in lukewarm water for 30 minutes. Drain and cool in ice water. Drain, let rest & toss with oil.
   2. Blanch broccoli & carrots in boiling water for 1 minute. Drain, cool down in ice water, drain and set aside.
   3. Place large sauté pan over high heat. Add canola oil and sautéed mushrooms until lightly golden.
   4. Add shrimp, coconut milk and Thai curry paste.
   5. Add carrots, broccoli, peppers, scallions, ginger, sweet chile sauce, sweet soy, and noodles to pan in that order. Toss once or twice to coat all ingredients well with sauce.
   6. Place on platter and sprinkle with black sesame seeds.
currently, it's sunday night.
i prepped this recipe post and the last 2 or 3 in one afternoon; got down to the wire and decided it was time to post recipes i'd mentioned.... other people might as well have the chance to try them out too.
every sunday we've been watching this...
i love watching the different steps and interesting process of the whole thing. lots of tips, right? for that coffee-art-food shop i might have someday.

and flipping back to secret millionaire during commercials......
random little thang...... i forgot where i found it........
well then. 10:31pm, and i'm thinking bed and a book sounds marvelous. i read one chapter of it earlier around 4:30-5...and tiredness hit me like a train. so what did i do? i shut off the lamp and slept cozy for 2 1/2 hours--until about 7:30. the sun was setting, and dad had gone out to get gyros to split up for dinner.
gyros, family, and a cooking show? kind of a great way to end a really busy but wonderful weekend, everyone of us at home for the first time since friday afternoon. :) p.s. this is my 390'th post....maybe another giveaway sometime? hmmm.... :) :)

action and reaction, ebb and flow, trial and error, change - this is the rhythm of living. out of our over-confidence, fear; out of our fear, clearer vision, fresh hope. and out of hope, progress.
[Bruce Barton]


Anonymous said...

My goodness you've been doing alot of cooking/baking lately :)
We watch Secret Millionaire too.. I always hate the other good shows I'm missing when we watch our favorite one of the night.. that resturant one looks good!
Have you seen Kitchen Nightmares with Chef Dave Ramsey on FOX, Friday nights? Very entertaining!

charla beth said...

oh my, this post made me hungry!

i love that you got to enjoy having all your family together for a sunday evening. nothing beats it.

and that picasso quote is awesome. thanks for sharing :)

chambanachik said...

I could never talk Sky into that dish (not so adventurous in the culinary department), but I am DROOLING. :)