Sunday, March 27, 2011

vegetarian tacos. ♥

vegetarian tacos.
they're not getting old.
and each time they're becoming more of a favorite.
with everyone in the family. ;) even the pickiest eater. heh.
quick brown rice is how we like to do it. with a few diced and sauteed peppers, a minced onion, and some garlic. toss some mexican seasoning in there.
rip up some leaf lettuce.
in a small saucepan, warm up a can's worth of black beans.
in a bowl off to the side, pour the diced tomatoes with green chiles. :)
never forget the cheese.
even though the other day when we made it, we had it without cheese and it was still good....cheese finishes it off amazingly well.
get you some tortillas.
i suggest larger the better. the ones featured above are pretty whole-grainy and smallish.

so. line-up?
this is how we do it.

toast that dry in a stainless steel skillet until the cheese is melted but the tortilla is not crispy yet.
tomatoes with chiles.
all that

[currently: 1:41am, going to bed after a few long fascinating conversations. books with mariah, new zealand  friends and history with the girls, and chinese-food, produce etc., school food, birth, panera, etc., with the d family. awesome:) goodnight!]


Cristina said...

yum.. those sound delicious.. I think I ned to try them :)

Mrs. Miscellanea said...

Yum, Beka. I think you should run a little coffee shop/art house where you can show your art & serve all the yummy food you make :)

charla beth said...

yummmmm :) definitely going to have to try those! thanks for sharing.