Thursday, May 5, 2011

ahhhhhhh. [aka: this is a list of my favorite things.]

growing little tomato plants.
wild berry plum green tea.
little sisters. they're always on the list.
though i don't have a really recent picture of rach and me, but today she made some awesome, homemade vanilla ice cream while mom, lyd and me were gone taking jen and pj back down south a ways.
that ice cream was addicting. especially since we hardly ever have ice cream. talk about double vanilla! i'm realizing i have a thing for good vanilla flavors lately.
healing cuts from a breaking-china-plate. i like it when it finally starts healing up and doesn't hurt anymore. i just realized i am typing this post with virtually no typos; my finger is doing a grand job once again. :)
what is your background picture lately?
this one, i took behind church's building a week or so ago.
talk about beautiful.
{a canvas i painted for pj...her birthday's coming up:)}
there are so many words i can't begin to type right now, about the 2-ish days we got to spend with jen and pj up here with us. ahhh. just...God is so good. :)


jessicajane said...

That's a great background picture! I just changed mine today to 3 pics of my husband and a note he wrote me.

I have to add that tomorrow I am going to this thing called SheBrews, and it's a church function based around all different types of coffee and they're going to have a comedian! I thought of you with the whole coffee thing!

Anonymous said...

Such a cute picture of you and the sis =)