Monday, May 16, 2011

recipe: hummus-pepper-chicken wraps.

saute onions, mushrooms, peppers, and throw in some cooked chicken...
make some hummus. mmmmm.
get some tortillas. the bigger the better, really.
this all makes quite the enjoyable lunch.
you need to try it out:)

i put that recipe together a week or so ago, and now it's the 16th of may.
the 16th of frickin' may.
crazy stuff!!!!

i need this shirt. anyone else?? ;)
let me love you, normal. a post by consider the lilies. it's so lovely. read it.
this canvas on etsy sold last night. my first sell on etsy. the others that have sold were straight off the wall of that cute restaurant in town:) mom's gone into town to send it off.
ahhh, i love it.
and, because cold tangerines had to go back to the library, i'm reading bittersweet now. [i'm going to buy both those books as soon as i can. they're wonderful.]
actually, not reading it right now, rather, i need to get hopping on prepping dinner: broccoli-potato curry.
for lunch, rach and i made vegetarian tacos. SO good. highly-highly-highly recommended!
i listed a sunset/sunrise canvas on etsy today. and i may be going up to the restaurant this afternoon to meet the new owner....who wants to keep hanging some of my art on her walls.
ah, the hope and excitement; the anticipation and new people to meet.


Natalie said...

I so totally need that shirt too!

Brooke T. said...

That looks AMAAZiNG, Beka! I have hummus, just not the chicken here...
It was wonderful talking with you the other day. You are beautiful dear heart...inside and out!
Hope that mural thing works out, that'd be "simply lovely"
Love, Brooke

Jen said...

Mmmm...I can seriously smell all the cooking going on there, cause the fragrance is still pretty fresh to my nose. LOL
I LOOOOOVE your work, and so excited for you to be taking it places and meeting new people. AND proud that I have some for my walls too :)

Christina said...

The wrap ingredients look delicious!
Yes, I want that shirt!!

Congrats on selling the art on etsy, yay!!!

heart like mine said...

mmm, all that food sounds delicious.

congratulations on selling your canvas, girly! so exciting!

Anonymous said...

I love that sunset canvas, it's beautiful!