Monday, May 23, 2011

artistic endeavors: galatians 5:22.

 painting and pictures: march 9
somehow i skipped over this one in my line-up of canvas posts, because this is older than the morrie schwartz quote one, and even older than the couple before that.
say what?
personally, this is one of my favorites.

i almost had the thing memorized when i finished it.
and it provoked thoughts delving into the definitions of the words. the characteristics.
good stuff, i tell you.

random fact: today and yesterday i've been struggling with typing things. maybe it's that weekend spurt and most of last week going to bed after 1am......hmmm....
once in a while, a word will scramble as it comes out my fingertips.
i almost spelled that "ginfertips".
yeah, that type of mis-wording.
and flipping sentences.
like sentence flipping and?

i may have some type of dyslexia (actually, i'm definitely prettydarn sure), but it's not bugging me too bad and i'll survive. hahaha.

dang. what a good hair day. i remember taking these pictures. it cooperated all day. and i like that shade of dark hair, too. as i said up there, this was in march.
see why it's one of my favorites?
and the dilapidated remains of cursive fruits-of-the-spirit behind the blocky ones..... mhmm:)

some really sweet music i found by coincidence: the workday release.
acoustic. cute. yep. me likes it.

and for the random conversation:
anna was mentioning that she wants to start going to a co-ed bible study with a friend...and she looked at me and said "is it okay if you don't come?"
i stared at my computer screen. "sure. yeah. of course. that's fine. i mean....yeah."
i guess she started feeling bad, so she started trying to give a plausible? reason: "well, you know why. it'd be like a frog walking in after a unicorn!"
i startled, then glared at her with faux hurt feelings. "what!?!??" wounded gasp. "i'm going to write about that. i...need to...." -gasp- "cope. with it." sniff, sniff.
"well, not a frog exactly. let me change that. it's more like...a fluffy bunny. yeah. that's me."
"i'm going to write about this unicorn and fluffy bunny! i'm telling you write now!"
and, well, she didn't kick up a storm, so it's getting published here. for my future friends and everyone to read. and maybe, hopefully, my future [husband and] children someday. hi! i know you're brilliant. can't wait to see what you grow up to be and what God does in your life! oh, and please vacuum for your dear mother; she probably still hates it. ;) 
i hope you --my current readers-- noticed my playing around with that tiny letter, and i hope you sensed the sarcasm there, also. ;)

aaaaand i found this awesome little blog done by singer/songwriter of the workday release.
he's got some excellent thoughts.
namely, i'm reading this post: dating.
i almost spelled that as daintg. mhmm. my spelling issues are cropping up all over the darn place. sorry.
just be glad i correct them. ;)
so, just a note--that post on dating isn't just on dating. it's fascinating!
that last word originally had 5 exclamation points at the end, but i figured, as per a tip i read in a great writing book, that a single exclamation point will get the same point across without seeming odd or teeny-bopper-ish. or something like that.
anyone ever seen yours, mine and ours? ahh, good memories. that's where the word "teeny-bopper" comes from, at least to my recollection.
it's 10:30. methinks i'm going to publish this before it becomes too long.
who knows, i might find more awesome stuff on this useful-sometimes-addicting-and-horrible place called the internet. ;)

one. last. thing.
beautiful music: by rebekah fancher. [i don't know about you, but i like her name! ;)
she's also tirzah photography. talk about a multi-talented woman.


Chana@ Mamma Town said...

I'm sorry, I'm stealing the "frog after a unicorn" comment and using it forever! It's sad how it came about but so very clever as I've many MANY times felt that way:) Love this!

heart like mine said...

loved this post. :) your poor sister! a frog after a unicorn! my goodness.

you ARE quite lovely though, my dear.

ahhh, the workday release. love. love. LOVE. or rather, obsessed, haha.

david is so inspiring;can't wait to check out his blog!