Wednesday, May 18, 2011

couscous and......t.o.d.a.y.

i've put my bangs up in this braid thing since monday. i got the round-a-bout idea of it from danielle: mama, foster, and a vlog. :)

boho beach babes. this post makes me ache. i really really want to see the ocean now. ever more, i mean.
life happens while you're doing something else. by don miller. some really good thoughts in this post!
the silver lining. oh, the sweetness in this post...hah, the things we appreciate, the little things even, when life gets tossed out of the normal orbit for new little souls. ♥

today's jesus calling was so good.
i'm...going to write about one of the best monday ever.
very soon, i'm going to write.
but right now all i know is it's 11pm and lyddie and me are listening to frank sinatra dear --his romance songs from the heart collection. it's the bomb.


here's what i made for dinner.
i really can't help but mention it-- while anna was gone from sunday until tonight, i didn't miss making a single meal. the last time she went, eh, i slacked off and didn't care a flying fig for a few meals...but this time? i kind of....well.....*gasp*.... managed my time a bit more to flex my kitchen skills in time for actual meal times.
heck. yeah.
as yep they are all mine said in this post: i'll be accepting my award at 8.
so this is what i made tonight.
i got the idea when my brain functioned and sparked a coherent thought for the bulk bag of couscous in the cold pantry.

couscous. peppers. butter. mushrooms. onions. garlic. fried chicken from the other day, in the freezer, diced. chicken broth.

for real. it worked! it turned out so good, even i had seconds...and, okay, even started on a third bowl. must've been that bike ride in the cool weather that rach and i took.
i used a lot of chicken broth to un-clump the couscous while i got out the fried chicken last minute. yeah. premeditate whether you'll have frozen frickin' meat or not. heh.
but in the end, truly, it was good. had flavor, had carbs, had meat, had veggies! yippee!
couscous, for those of you who haven't tried it (and sincerely, we haven't had it summer?) it's almost like a type of pasta. slash grain. slash rice. slash.....well, this is it: couscous.
oh, and i made 6 cups of it to 7 1/2 cups made a lot. so if you make some, and you're a first-timer like i am, make around 1-3 instead. depending on how many people, how much veggies/etc you have to go with it, and how much you want to save for yummo leftovers. :)
p.s. here's an amusing post by dude and sweeties: in which i brain dump. feel free to move onto something interesting.
there's a funny/horrid story of how moms can be. mhmm.  


Marisa Hopkins said...

Seriously, your blog is like a little piece of heaven, Beka!! Love your pictures, love that food!! And your hair is super cute like that! I do that with Gracie's hair and she loves it :)

Jo-Ann said...

I second the slice of heaven thought. I've visited before ages ago but just followed your link from Natalie's. Had a little nosy, hope you don't mind...and I'm sure to be back again!

heart like mine said...

my goodness, that post by donald miller is EXACTLY what i needed this morning. thanks for sharing<3

and i LOVE your hair like that; it is so sweet.

Natalie said...

Lovin' the braid!

Hanna said...

Your brothers better keep a close watch over you,beauty queen!

chambanachik said...

That braid is just gorgeous! I totally want to try it now. :)

Love that you follow Don Miller. His stuff is so great.

And couscous is something I eat on a regular basis. Yum!

Anonymous said...

*gasp* Did you dye your hair again? Or is it just the light making it look a bit blonder than usual? Either way. Pretty :)