Tuesday, May 3, 2011

earnestly i seek thee.

because this business of becoming conscious, of being a writer, is ultimately about asking yourself, how alive am I willing to be?
[anne lamott]

it's 7pm, we're making pasta sauce, meatballs, and pasta for dinner. the first two things, from scratch.
also, tiramisu for dessert!
ahhh. i love it.
it's a tradition.
left to right: jen, anna, phelisha, me. :)
this was last night. everyone: tired. waking up at 6am-ish with 6 hours in the car will do that to ya.
i loved this post by as simple as that: talking with tragedy at the seaside diner.


chambanachik said...

Your blog is making me miss Sky more! Frank is his favorite, and he always sings his songs to me. :)

Becky said...

I love aaron gillespie.

Bethany said...

Hi dear! My goodness, I get caught up in work and suddenly realize I am THIRTY posts behind on your blog. (Maybe more. Sometimes Google Reader tries to soften the blow by surreptitiously unmarking some...) Anyway, it's nice to pop back in and say hi... and let you know that I love that Anne Lamott quote. Good choice. :)