Monday, May 9, 2011

this kind of day...

makes me wish we have a fireplace.
 and a wingback chair.

and a cozy aran sweater.

and a standing lamp by the chair.
if i could draw this or take a picture and post it, i would.
it's in my head.
sometimes that's a very frustrating thing, you know??

2:52pm, and i've just spent how much time--maybe 10-15 minutes, i don't know--drawing this in "paint" on my laptop.
after messing with it in my photoscape program, here it is: ^^
not too shabby, if i do say so myself.
could've done better with my hand and colored pencils. which gives me an idea, of course.

in other news, anna found this picture of gram earlier:
when she was younger, she traveled quite a bit. of course, she worked at the courthouse for 30-some years before that, but still. this picture is her in scotland. loch ness.
you read that right.
gram went somewhere gorgeous. somewhere european. somewhere famous.

here's an up-to-date picture by woodnote photography of the loch. their photos are stunning.

painting today. a tiny canvas for lyddie. trying to listen to elenowen...
:) what's your monday looking like?


No Model Lady said...

I think I adore you. I think I would like to sit and sip coffee and watch you paint. That sounds super relaxing:)

Alita said...

I want a fireplace & a wing-back chair, too. :)

Christina said...

Lovely picture of your gram. :) I wanna go there!

Chelsea Talks Smack said...

sigh, i love those kind of days.

Anna said...

You are talented! I love the fireplace and wingback chair idea. Of course, I live in Florida and it's already over 80 degrees at 10 am on a May morning, so that might not be the most practical idea right now. :)

I came here through your comment on Scribbles 'n' Things.

heart like mine said...

this post is so very quaint and made me long for all the things you talked about.

and um, that drawing you did? fantastic. i'm so jealous of your artistic talents!!!

looove that pic of your gram. everything about it is beautiful.<3 thanks for sharing.

what a lovely monday.

Marisa Hopkins said...

Your dream space and my dream space would totally be BFFs. Absolutely gorgeous, Beka!!

And Loch Ness - and the entire town of Inverness - is on my top 5 list of places I have to take the girls when they're older. Loved Scotland SO much when I went! :)