Saturday, May 7, 2011

a bunch of loves. all that's on my mind at the moment.

i want to make this cake posted by lemonade makin' mama.
oh my word, yes. and i'd have all of you over for a piece of it, if i could.
and this one, by the life artist: in which we [still] love our enemies?

a book i highly recommend: Jesus calling; by sarah young. it's like God, talking right to your heart. beautiful truth.
gosh i love this song.
i'm still recommending buying aaron's album.
today i've been hit by just how good it really is.

and hot coffee. this time with milk. 
warning: modcloth ahead.
style stuff:

always chipper
garden gate park
ahhhhh. too bad all these heels are more than $50 a pair. :P
too bad you can't find these for killer prices at thrift stores. only in my dreams! but where would i wear them? mainly in my dreams.
ah well.
i love beauty.

multifold sophisticate

y'all red-y for this

drawing conclusions

rolling tide

there's nothing really in the plan for today.
cleaning, drinking coffee, life. trying to finish the book green.
the end.

p.s. elizabeth esther is having a blog night at her place, and you can go here to link up! 
fun stuff. :)

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