Friday, May 6, 2011

we were made for you. [and life.]

i've only had black coffee today.

we have no milk in the house.

ben, my awesome older brother, installed my new lens mount.
in this slideshow, the picture of ben alone is the first picture i took with my lens fixed:)
i can now use my lens! i forgot how much i missed it.
it's got a few flecks of turquoise paint on the part where i hold it.
it's my painting buddy.
i love the sound it makes when it focuses.

it started out unbelievably gorgeous today, and now it looks like rain.
i have a feeling i'll be saying that a lot.
maybe i should just stop myself before i talk about it in every post. hah.

we're going to see thor tonight.
am i excited?

and i have all theses books to read:)


chambanachik said...

No milk is one of the saddest things ever. :(

How do you make those slideshows? I am impressed.

heart like mine said...

yayyy for a new lens mount! :)

& that music video is awesome--thanks for sharing!