Saturday, May 14, 2011


i'm looking forward to this afternoon.
as in, 4 o'clock.
anna and i will begin our first shift of this year--selling pastries, brownies, ice cream, hot coffee, carbonated sugary drinks, water and milk to a host of different people at the flea market.
like this post. yep.

so, it's nice and chilly outside!
very different from a few days ago--warm, muggy.
i'm liking it.

the way i see it, these chilly days call for a nice cup of hot tea or coffee.

the second i saw this apron in a super-cute tea shop up north on vacation last summer, it reminded me of the one she/kate/catherine zeta jones wears in a beginning scene of no reservations.
i love that movie. who's seen it?
i can't find a screen capture of the scene, so you'll just have to watch it to know what  i'm talking about.
there's a lot of cooking in that movie, for those of you who haven't seen it yet.
you need to see it:)
i have to say, courtney's floor glow post inspired me. it's really one of the simple, lovely things in life to have a clean floor and appreciate it. ;) one of the tiny things, yes? well, ours aren't stone or anything--just some good old faux wood roll-out stuff a friend installed. he's pretty darn good at his job. and this stuff is better than the last stuff we had. this is more natural looking in our kitchen, more cozy.

yesterday was a super-productive day.
as in, i had showered, read cold tangerines and jesus calling, spiffed up the kitchen and cleaned the floor and brewed coffee somewhere in there before anyone was even up.
we're not the early bird types.
anna woke me at 6:40 before she went off nannying.

let me tell you something: i love silence. yes, yes, yes, i know. i'm not the only one.
i love organized kitchens. it's a rare thing, yes? well...i clean while i cook and make stuff. i'm the only one in the family who does that.
and that just brought to mind the ocd post i promised sometime last year.... shoot.
i'll have to work on that one;) should be amusing.
beautiful things:)

confession: you know how i found this online somewhere, and can't remember where? well, i'm using it for inspiration....and trying to paint it. it's definitely interesting trying to blend the yellow to the white, the white to the blue. urgh. frustrating sometimes, in fact.
and the tree. oh, the tree. that's going to be challenging!!
it's going to look like a freak of nature.
but, as brookie pointed out in our last conversation about life and all that stuff, trees are, as a general rule, freaks of nature. ;)
encouraging thought.

another freak of nature happening right now, at 1:32pm:
anna. asking for coffee.
she never drinks coffee. maybe once a week. less. she likes it, but isn't obsessed or addicted and she gets horrid headaches from withdrawals if she has it a few days in a row.
. . . i know for a fact that the people at the flea market today will be asking for hot coffee up the yin-yang.
it's cold.
coffee sounds good.
i'll write more later.

i've got dishes to wash, the house is mostly quiet, my thighs are feeling that 8.8 mile bike-ride yesterday, and i may or may not be dancing around the kitchen to the quirky tunes of the features on purevolume. lions is probably my favorite song by them ever.

when anna and i came home from the flea market --which was a windy, rainy, chilly affair that i'll blog about tomorrow, probably-- we warmed up slop for dinner and watched robin hood. the russell crowe version.
ahhh. yes:)
i forgot how much i love that film. and that actor. 
then, dancing in the kitchen to good music? sheesh. what a good way to end the day.
i just won't think of how 7am it is for me tomorrow.......

goodness gracious.
just remembered/got reminded that i get to throw together a menu tonight to make for the next few days. sunday dinner to wednesday dinner, to be exact.
anna's going up to justin and sarah's for a few days. to help prepare for the baby, do random stuff, relax, who knows:) a smashing mix of everything, i'm sure.
do you ladies/people have any favorite recipes? links for them, or whatever?
i'd love ideas; try something new in place of what is written:
Sunday dinner:
1.    ???
Monday lunch and dinner:
1.    Vegetarian tacos:
2.    Broccoli potato curry:
Tuesday lunch and dinner:
1.    Minestrone soup w/ground beef, beans, pasta, tomatoes:
2.    Mac n cheese lentils:
Wednesday lunch and dinner:
1.    Focaccia, pasta sauce, etc: 
2.    Lentil stew:
so there ya have it.
any ideas?


Seizing My Day said...

hello darlin... you are so random and I love that!! =) always glad when I find time to visit... he he... Love the painting... hope I make it around the day you finish it and post it! love the verse too actually. Love LOVE that movie... and now I need to see it again... actually I love both movies you referred to! ha! I need to find some fun fabric and sew me a couple cute aprons too! oh... super fun you are serving coffee at a farmers market... is it a job or volunteer thing? can't live with out me coffee... and a few minutes of silence each day... bliss... when the two are combined.. PURE BLIISS! ha ha! Have a great week!!

heart like mine said...

my goodness--all this talk and lists of food is making me hungry, even after i just had breakfast!

i'm jealous of your chilly weather; i would love some of that out there! nothing better than hot tea or coffee on a chilly day.

ahh, love it.

p.s. i'm sure your painting will turn out great!