Monday, May 30, 2011

a few facts about today.

my arms are hot.
my hands are cold.
i didn't pass up an opportunity to hang out with the w family --whom we hardly ever get to see, due to distance:(-- so i got burned.
noontime at a pool will do that to you.
darn campgrounds didn't have any shade whatsoever within 50 feet of that pool.
on the other hand, i dozed for a while after watching inkheart on the way home.
and yesterday, on the way there, we watched alice in wonderland for the first time.
the johnny depp and chaya-from-defiance version.
the writer of that story (alice in wonderland), i'm sure, was half insane.
or on something when he wrote it.
i liked the film though.
great cgi...interesting plot. johnny was amazing, as always.
amazingly weird.
there were so many moments that captain jack came out.
that queen of red hearts was horrid, i tell you.
in other great news, i got permission to post some birth pictures.
i discussed it here and here. :)
so, i'm going to post about the birth soon.
pretty excited:)

more fog this sunday.

and new shoes for me. [also, new shirt from tarjay<3] . . . my good ol' pumps starting coming apart at one of the visible seams. sigh. they served me well for a few years.

on every roadtrip --especially on a chilly, rainy sunday like yesterday, this is beautiful. 
^^ flannel teddy bear pillow. 100% cotton old quilt, super soft, made by someone whose name is slipping my memory right now.

and lastly, i'm not super into animals that much....but when everyone slowly deserted me and jude for the playground down the road, jude needed attention.
plus, he was soft.
and nice, sweet, quiet, and tired.
not snappy, like he can be with kids.
after a while of head rubs, he even rolled over and gave me his belly.
i've only seen him one other time in my life.
i tell ya, we were buddies for an hour. :)


Cristina said...

oh no, sunburn is the worst. I always cake on the sunscreen because I burn so easily.

Christina said...

I feel the same about Alice in Wonderland. I did enjoy it, but yes the author must have been a bit nutso!