Wednesday, May 25, 2011

artistic endeavors: wildflowers.

it's 1:44pm. at the moment, as i'm starting this post.
julie [the lady that wants me to photograph her birth] called at 8:20am with the news that...well...some things had happened that normally happen around the time-vicinity day that a baby gets born. haha. i really just don't feel like typing the stuff here. i get it and all, but my blog isn't exactly a birth discussion blog, so i'd rather have that stuff go un-named. el oh el.
you mommies know what  i'm talking about.
plugs, ya know? she's 41 weeks and one day, totally ready. read this if you're interested in birth stuff and what i hinted at. lol.
okay, i'm getting off that subject.
i think i'll post a canvas, because i can't wait to show you the wildflower one i did for wildflower cafe.
oh my. i have yet to post about that "best monday ever" huh?
wow. what suspense.
just a note, though, because i don't have enough brain space to write it out well enough right now, i'm listening to the beatles for the first time ever (without it being in a movie's background) and it came from this post by kristen leigh: ron & lauren {shade tree and evergreen wedding}.
yeah. first time ever. don't slap me. 
some people might consider that a cardinal sin or something.
 may 7
so onto the painting, yes? 
psh, what takes me so long to get around to it?

i ramble.
that's why.
oh, and i think you'd all find some amusement in what my little sisters called "coffee nerd beka".
i saw these super-bendy nike frames in one of my drawers while looking for chocolate, and i decided to wear them. with a pretty dress. yep. that's how i roll.
today turned into such a blah day (haven't had one of those in a while; i know, strange!) that i just drank down a huge mug that contained half cooled black coffee and half ovaltine chocolate milk.
anna calls this stage of the canvas floating flower heads. yep. so uncreative and left-brained and . . . nice of her. heh.
yay! the flowers have stems. and leaves. 
it's days like these that my ocd stuff jumps out at everyone.
anna witnessed some odd stuff earlier. i may or may not write about it. it's so particular. and weird.
to be honest, this day is feeling like one of those horrid ones where you just want to put your hair up in a messy bun, push play on set fire to the rain or a chick flick, and let yourself go. 
it's not that nice of a feeling, frankly. i'd rather feel more energetic. not needing cold coffee after having 2-3 cups already earlier....waiting, waiting, hoping for that phonecall to make that 1 1/2 hour trek to the birth taking place. buy a new sd card with excitement running through my veins.
frankly, that's what i want to do instead of get dressed up and go to church.
ohhhhh myyyy. don't no one get their guns out. i know some who would. figuratively. ;)

another thing: new ways forward: in which i can't laugh this time. fascinating. relatable. i've had that happen before. it's the oddest thing to get down to the fact that this sort of thing affects real people.

bittywingsbaby's i am His beloved series is still going should go read the posts!
they're pretty darn wonderful.


heart like mine said...

i love that slideshow; you look so dang cute with those glasses. and what a beautiful day! my goodness.

ha, floating flower heads, love that.

by the way, your posts on bittywingsbaby was SO lovely.

i still have to comment on it, but it was wonderful. you have a beautiful heart.

Oh Mandie said...

love love love the flowers! so vibrant and pretty :)

chambanachik said...

I hope you get un-blah soon. The Beatles will help with that. (And yes, I am gasping that it's your first time to listen!!!!)

Love the flowers, painted and photographed.

Cassandra said...

Wow, did you take that dandelion photo? It's amazing.