Sunday, May 8, 2011


how can this be?
a google commercial that makes you cry and maybe even want to have children?
oh boy.
totally made me tear up.
goodness gracious.
republic of tea has these honeys made...they're the bomb.
anna bought a jar of "vanilla honey" coincidentally before jen and pj came, and every night for those 3 nights we had tea, and i got hooked on the vanilla-almond kind with vanilla honey.
no words for how lovely that was. :)
i even had it tuesday morning, the day we went to caribou, etc later, and i almost didn't miss having a mug of coffee right in the morning. the stuff is that good. ;)
it's 7:16pm, and i'm about to burn a remix of mumford & sons.
hoping...that anna won't run them into the ground this time around.
but i know it's a futile hope. she's just that way. :)
now for a few pieces of my day before it got cloudy and i overdosed on mostly milk chocolate:
at church. yes. i take outfit shots in the loo at church.
we hand out roses to the mom's on mother's day at our church:)
then i got a chocolate craving and dug into my easter stash.
i gesso'd a small canvas for this one lyd wants me to paint for her....wildflowers and all that:)
goodness me, i want some more coffee.
ahhhhh, i knew it was time for a mention of brothers in a post. 
i had m&m's in my mouth. hah.
ben and moi.
ben did that. 
you don't want to know how much elbow grease that probably took.
and that's why he looks like this.
ever met a lady who liked her brothers, who was proud of who they'd grown up to be and who believed in what they would be, what they would do, who they were.... ? well, i'm thinking that if my brothers get married someday, those are going to be some very blessed women. shoot, if i weren't a sister, i might be interested.
in other words, i wouldn't mind one bit, Lord, if you gave me someone kinda like them.... well, er, more like ben; not sure i could stand someone like caleb for very long. we clash sometimes. but mostly it's all good. and quirky. and potentially testy. which is aaaaalways fun. 
having siblings if character-building, yo.
and here it comes:
mhmm. that's where the overdosing came. not just those several pieces...i brought more out. :P
i wouldest likest this. with a white tank or something under it, probably. i don't know. :)
and i would try this on if i could. at least try it on:)
how did i fall into that stylehive site?
oh help. look at this dress.
ah, beauty:)
i hope everyone has had a lovely mother's day!
this is what we gave to mom:)

p.s. about the title? i'm going with danielle's idea. mhmm. creatively logical, no? hah.
p.p.s. i highly recommend this movie. thor. as a matter of fact, i need to see it again. :)


LeAnna said...

1.) I love your black shoes in the pic of you in the loo at church.
2.) I love my brother, too. It's fun watching siblings grow!
3.) I LOVE that red and white dress. You should get it, because you would rock it.

That is all.

rain said...

the commercial made ME teary too! and you look beautiful in the loo. :-)

Love Unawakened said...

So, im not sure why but this post made me really happy! it was so cute! You do have amazing brothers! im not sure i would want to marry someone like my

Chana@ Mamma Town said...

These kind of posts just warm my heart right up! Missing you! xoxoxo

ladaisi said...

Hello dear! Haven't been here in awhile (my apologies, I've sucked at the commenting world lately) - and must say I LOVE the new header, Mumford and Sons, and also the photograph of the coffee and the paintbrushes. I think we have very similar minds.

Hope you are well!

Bethany said...

That skirt is adorable! Want to trade outfits for a day? (You'd likely get a well-worn pair of jeans and flip-flops out of it, so probably not... hehe.)

heart like mine said...

that picture of you with the roses is soo stinkin lovely, i can't stop looking at it!

your brothers do sound like the best. :) how lucky you are to have them and be close with them.

p.s. nothing wrong with OD'ing on chocolate! ;)

chambanachik said...

We are totally of the same heart. I saw that Google spot a couple nights ago and got so choked up! :) I might even have to Facebook post it.

Cassandra said...

I didn't think I was going to tear up at that Google commercial, but then at the last second I did! Uhg.