Thursday, May 19, 2011

artistic endeavors: morrie schwartz.

you know what's freaky?
as in....freaky freaky?
last night and right now, when i went into my "edit posts" . . . it was empty.
but my blog, i still see every bit of my blog. when i've clicked "view blog".
just "edit posts".
anyone ever had this before?
and what's the surest way of backing up a blog, including how/where/what the pictures are?
just a-wondering.

well. in the couple minutes since then, i pushed one button on my blog "show all" and they appeared.
what on earth. i'm so thankful they're all there. but how a button command could be still in affect after being in my dashboard and ex-ing out and going back in, i don't understand.
this was april 19: the day of the storm. with the super long, super loud thunder.
this one was so fun to do.
it just kind of sprung out of me.
sometimes this is how i keep the quote before my eyes.
other times, it's like this: ^^
that night i got paint on a key. somehow. thankfully, it didn't go down the cracks, and i cleaned it easily. ah! freaky.
i have this one listed on my etsy shop right now.
and as i type this at around 9pm on sunday, mother's day night . . . i'm sipping my second cup of vanilla-almond tea with vanilla honey, and thinking of the fact that i've been fitting so much into each post.
and sometimes i really want to change that up.
but how?
i like just typing and typing and uploading, uploading, uploading pictures from the day.
it's just kind of what i've grown into doing.
but i know this very foggy, vague concept at the moment: i want to do something different.
oh, and here's an interesting article on proverbs 31: in search of the ideal proverbs 31 single man. 
i kinda loved it. 
[this last paragraph of ramble is from a couple weeks ago. just had to put that out there.]
in other news, how horrible is it that my sis, rachel, loves to make ice cream? reallyreally vanilla ice cream, from scratch and everything? with lovely good-quality home-grown eggs from a friend, and whole milk? 
i hope it's not our downfall. because boy, is it good. i only wish i could share.
my brain freeze face.
in more interesting, less humorous news, i painted the canvas of wildflowers the other day....the one commissioned, er, requested, by the new owner of that little restaurant up town. :) it closed on the 14th of april because the former owners got tired...and now a new lady has it. i can't wait to see what she changes.
. . . just a note, though; i have to put a few more brushstrokes on it and make more visible, thinner stems for some of the flowers. anna, in her logical anna-ness, told me last night that she saw them as floating flowers. :P
need to amend that.
[ahhhh! i can't wait to write an updated post on this ^^ subject! :) :) :)]
i'll leave you with a beautiful song by brooke fraser.

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heart like mine said...

ohhh, that morrie schwartz painting is one of my favorites! soo beautiful.

and that proverbs 31 blog was awesome; definitely forwarding that one.