Wednesday, May 4, 2011

all things.

. . . i forgot how much i loved sunsets and sunrises until mom brought the canvases home from that cute, little, eccentric restaurant up town that closed on the 14th.
good wonderful news: some lady bought it and is starting it up again with the same name and mostly same decor, but fresh paint on the walls.
and she wants to hang some of my stuff up there.
. . . even a bigger painting for the front window, with wild flowers painted.
[having a lovely time with jen, pj, and also got to hang out with heath and steph at starbucks and david's bridal today! ahhhh. so tired though:)]


Christina said...

Can I say something dorky? haha I know Aaron Gillespie. :P Well, Underoath was formed not far from here and me and my friends use to go see them play all the time like 9-10 years ago. One of our childhood friends joined the band back then, and then we got to know some of the other members. I don't really know Aaron well anymore, haven't talked directly to him in years now. But I see his wife once in awhile at friends' events. lol. One of my good friends' husbands is in underoath too(I know, different band, but that's what Aaron is also in).

Rachel said...

oo! You have a painting job!