Saturday, May 21, 2011

you might as well . . . push pause on my blog music.

i don't know about you, but i see nothing wrong with the fact that when i see later hours approaching and have my laptop out, it's totally time for some funky groovy dancy music.
and cleaning the kitchen. well, if it's friday or saturday, that is. ahem, they're my kitchen duty days.
totally time, i'm telling you.
[why the title? because there's music to listen to below:)]
maybe some old school jars. if i left the zoo.
or....wait. new-school jars hits the spot tonight.'s flippin' crazy how you can be absolutely transported back to a time, along with nearly every single feeling and most memories surrounding that time with just a song.
that's what happens to me. besides the fact, i'm a visual person. next fact, smells do the same thing to me as songs do.
when boys [lesson one] started playing, oh goodness.
it made my bite my lip. swallow hard. take a few huge, deep-reaching breaths.
all the above. occasions. conversations. laughs. i felt like i was back 2 years ago, spring-summertime. before i started this blog, wow.
almost made my head hurt; i don't want to go back. i'd really rather not. i'm a different person, and i was obsessed with this song at the beginning of the end of a long season in my life.
methinks i should make new memories with this song.
is there a song that touches or pokes you? 
this whole album does it for me. gosh do i need to change that.


this was a summer dress type of day.
i did, in fact, start the day out in a perfectly fine purple t-shirt and jeans. but after 10 minutes, call me ocd sensitive, but i couldn't stand it. it was warm. it was gorgeous out. and it called for a dress. even though i was cleaning a lot in the kitchen with danny. heck, that's what aprons are for. ;)
i practiced this song about 20 times this afternoon.
i solo it on sunday at church with my pretty little black acoustic:)

random cool fact:
sweet erika posted some blog love today: bloggers in my house. :) plus, yes, i shall blog that award very soon! this next week sometime:) also, the one from charla...i'll double them up. haha.

okay. the features win out over most everyone else for night kitchen music. yepperdoodles. [don't hate on my cool little word. i actually say that aloud. but don't try imagining it. hahah.] 
p.s. i just got a little scarred by julian smith's video rendezvous with you. maybe scarred isn't the right word, but i'm not so sure i'll sleep too well tonight:P someone has to watch it and tell me what they think. keep in mind that his videos are normally quite different from that one. el oh el.


Alyssa Rae said...

isn't it crazy how music can transport you like that!

chambanachik said...

Songs do that to me constantly. It's kind of a comfort, though- at least, when the things you're reliving are good things.

You should have someone record you singing at church so you can post it on here!

Christina said...

The photo at the beginning of the post is beautiful!

I do have some music like that. Things like mxpx from when I was 16-19. Brings you back! And even though those were really fun times, I am glad to be where I am now too. So much has changed!

heart like mine said...

this was so lovely. i love that photo at the very top.

i love that you shared about what songs do to you; how they can transport you back to times passed and bring out feelings, emotions, memories to relive all over again. sometimes good, sometimes bad, but i love that they help you to never forget where you came from. what an incredible thing music is.

ahh, warm and gorgeous dress days: nothing's better. :)

can't wait to see what 7 facts you post, miss versatile blogger, you. ;)