Friday, May 13, 2011

because blogger sucked yesterday...

i posted on my wordpress.
i love blogger so much, but dangit they screw up sometimes.
not that we don't all make mistakes sometimes, but when you're a huge thing that people depend on, you cannot let those people down.
you hear me?
you just can't.

so here's my post. for the record.

thursday, may 12, 2011 4:34pm
blogger isn’t working right now, other than read-only style.

my breakfast. with coffee. with one of the best nonfiction books ever.
so here I am, typing away in my handy little Word ’07.
eating a large piece of coffee cake with milk dribbled over the richness that, sadly, is missing nuts.

i can’t even access my dashboard, so . . . i’ll just read these few posts I’ve pulled up by chatting at the sky and read those.
with cold berry-plum green tea beside me.

it sounds like a holy thing to appreciate and soak up life and have a heart full of gratitude . . . doesn’t it?
especially on this gorgeous afternoon:

sun coming through the trees.
a fresh wind giving relief from the humidity.
sustenance before the spur-of-the-moment bikeride and photo op with rach:)

[chips, tomatoes with green chiles, refried beans, guacamole: sustenance before the bike-ride and photoshoot]
i’m wearing one of those summer dresses i’m in the middle of up-cycling. sun in the west, rain clouds in the east.

as for the posts i’m reading, there’s this one:  wake up and dream.
gosh… how inspiring. and to think that maybe…just maybe…once in a while…i could inspire someone someday? just a little bit?
it’s a stunning thought.
this one: is there a difference between a dream and a calling?
and this one too: in which i convince you that you are an artist.
and, oddly enough, I just browsed through an airline site looking at prices, places, and dates…
oh. love. I’d love to travel someday. even only in the U.S. for the foreseeable future.
though I do want to go to England…. :)
i had one of the grandest opportunities earlier.
to shoot.
at sunset.
with a sister.
hear me sigh. :)
it was beautiful. and my lens? oh dear. i love it.
tonight is an adele night. rolling in the deep, to be exact.

before and after i realized my circle-setting thingamajig was on "s" instead of "a". it's like life before and after, ya know?
and…it’s also an amazed by brendan hollis night.
also, it’s an elenowen night.

i’m amazed. just…amazed? in every sense of the word? how many times does a person get to witness the tiny details that make up the beauty of a sunset, and everything around it? how many times?!
[i crouched and twisted myself down to get this ^^ shot; rachel looked at me strange.]

i’m just soaking up these tunes. you know those days?

there was this meadow full of violets. it was a small meadow. not vast by any stretch of the imagination, and situated between hedges blocking a house and a school on either side.
have i ever mentioned my love for climbing trees? hmm. yes. i love to. once in a while. it’s one of those simple joys. ;)

and yet, to say the truth, reason and love keep little company together nowadays.
[william shakespeare]

my lil sister:) aka, rach.
^^ and all the pretty pictures that rach took, when i handed her my camera because she was standing in the midst of violets with camera-jealousy all over her darling face.

ah, i love sisters:)

i have more to share, pictures of a different nature, but i’ll save it for another post.


LeAnna said...

Pretty, pretty, pretty! What lens did you go with?

the girl said...

Love all your recent posts... and all the sister pictures =)
Beautiful. Love the flowers, the shoes, the coffee, the smoothies, the books, the paint....
Then the song playing topped it off.. I had a very good experince on your blog today ;-) LOL

Cassandra said...

French toast <3

Natalie said...

Love that shot of the violets and sun going down in the background! So. Pretty.

Alida said...

love your photos!!

chambanachik said...

I love your violet pictures! :) You and Millie would have a grand old time in our backyard.

Seizing My Day said...

Ever heard of Capernwray Bible School?? Look it up... the one in England =) Dreams can come true!... it is a 6 month program... I went in 1992 (you probably were a tiny baby back then!~!) ha ha! it was a wonderful experience for me!! ;) go on now... google it! you might be glad you did!!