Saturday, May 28, 2011


last night i went to bed at a record-breaking 11:40p.m.
of course, having a full day and day-before and all-night intense stuff contributed to my more sensible sleep time.
early friday morning, a baby was born.
as i mentioned before in that post about photography? mhmm. that one.
it was intense, as i said before, and beautiful.
and, as it turns out he's a he, henry is adorable. born with yummy chub because he was about 1 1/2 weeks "overdue".

i'm waiting on a message from the mom if i can post several pictures on here or not.
i took about 510, from 6pm when we got there thursday, till 11ish the next day -friday- when we left. hah.

when we got home around 2ish pm friday, we dawdled, practiced music, loaded instruments up, and played over the course (not every second) of 6:30-8:30pm. just you wait till i give an outline of the birth time how many hours before that, because then you'll understand why i wore my yoga pants to this music-playing event.
yoga pants.
those ones, from tarjay.
but we played, we sang, and the special people ranging from 15-older in this facility loved it. lots of hymns, or should i say a few. amazing grace. how great thou art. a mighty fortress. how great is our God. yes, i know that last one isn't a hymn. i'm just listing songs.
the people's hearts were sooo beautiful.
though there was this grumpy lady who was talking to me at break time, while the rest were wheeling around in their wheel chairs or walking around hugging or touching people, making conversation with smiles and mostly soft hearts.
but you have to wonder what makes [this lady in particular] that way; something painful happened to them or something or maybe they wake up all the time grumpy.
so many of them just seemed like children.
and children, for the most part, are so inspirational.
adults in the real world can be so hard. so rational. so unemotional and unfeeling and logical and tough.
these people made me see something different.
they just loved being loved. and loving in return.
there was this one man, mr. paul. he was tall, skinny, wore glasses, was so enthusiastic. his words were muffled some of the time, not very clear. but he was so happy. and seeing the drums ben brought?
whoa. he got excited. told me he played drums for 2 years. for 2 years. he was good at them. fast. real fast. and one day he got caught playing them at 4 in the morning. at this point in the story, he put his wrists together as if he was put in handcuffs.
his reactions during the music was just priceless. waving his coffee mug in the air as some people would their cell phones or hands at a concert. he sang in higher octaves to this one song. i almost laughed.
and the last song we did, was i'll fly away.
it was mom, anna and me singing it.
they all loved it.

so today i was just glad that after going.going.going all day yesterday, i slept through the night and woke around 10, showered (ahhhhh wonderful hot water), brewed coffee in a blueblueblue outfit and apron, and got to washing more dishes.

nothing's home like brewing coffee in the kitchen.

and surfaces that get clean with your work and hands and music playing.
and red nail polish i picked up at waaallgreens on the way home from the birth . . . i kinda like it. :)

now if you'll excuse me, i have to get on with making a menu for monday-sunday, as anna's going up north with friends this week.
lasagna is going to be on that menu for sure. ;)


Samantha said...

Sounds like a long day! I like your blue blue blue outfit. =D

LeAnna said...

I do hope you'll get to share some pictures! I'm contemplating begging my friend Grace to let me shoot her 3rd birth. I want to shoot one sooooo badly, I think it would be so amazing. But, not just anyone is game for that. I wish I had someone here who would do mine, I mean, my Mom has taken pictures, but she is sorta flash-happy. But, I'm not gonna knock it. There are a lot of women who don't have any pics of their baby being born, and I just can't imagine. I think it's a miraculous memory to preserve!

ladaisi said...

I love love LOVE that first photo with the towel and his feet!

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chambanachik said...

I really hope she lets you share...that pair of feet is so priceless. :)

Anonymous said...

AH baby feet!
Were you there for the actual birth? I got to be there for my baby cousin's birth and it was AMAZING. Everyone thought I wouldn't want kids after that experience, but it had quite the opposite effect. I want babies soooo bad now.
And everyone I friggen know is pregnant or just had a baby. It's ridiculous. I am green with envy.

heart like mine said...

oh my goodness, that feet picture is the sweetest. i can't wait to read the birth story and hopefully see pictures. i'm sure that was an incredible experience.

i loved what you wrote about those people being like children and like children, they bring inspiration. beautiful. and mr. paul sounds amazing. his joy and love for life is something we should all imitate! what an example.

lovely post, beka <3