Friday, May 20, 2011

artistic endeavors: 1 peter 4:8

today --the last few minutes of thursday, ahem-- i discovered a really lovely spot...
the back step.
it's in the middle of being re-carpeted, but the cool cement is nice too. this morning i read jesus calling and drank coffee on that back step.
then, after dinner and watching letters to juliet with anna, i went out and sat on the back step...drank in the air of outside.
there's nothing like the air outside, i tell you.
just go out there, breathe it in, and, seriously now, close your eyes.
just relax.
[the first time i typed that, it said relaz. heh.]
this canvas took a while.

one night i got inspired to experiment with modeling clay; it was probably a week later that i painted it yellow...and a month later that i painted the words.
inspiration, i tell ya.
it's a persnickety thing sometimes.
something i'm kind of nervous and/or tense about is....
a friend of ours is having her baby any day.
it's her 7th home. water birth, also, as far as we know right now. :)
she's super-comfortable with everything...which is really awesome to see.
and....a while ago, she asked me to photograph her birth.
funky thing: before that, i had just been looking at this awesomely beautiful photoshoot of boho baby bump's birth by tirzah photography.
gorgeous, i'm telling you.
i have to take a deep breath and think calming thoughts to not hold myself to that sort of expectation...i mean, her captures were just wow. 
but anyways, deep inside i know that no matter what, when i'm not measuring myself and my skills and talents up to other people, i know that besides all that, this is going to be a very special, really beautiful time.
i, for one am psyched.
seeing as how i've learned a ton about birth since anna started taking the online classes to be a certified doula and with her going to several births over the past year (old friends and new friends) and me getting to read different birth stories online and in books she has, plus it's been nearly 10 1/2 years since lyddie was born....
i'm really excited to be at this birth.
it's going to be amazing. and i'm thrilled to capture the events and precious moments it's full of.
finished somewhere around april 20.'s 11:53pm and i think i'm liking this writing later at night much better than daytime hours! for one, no one's up. tonight, at least. sometimes we're night owls. tonight, thank God, is not one of them.
for two, i'm feeling words flowing better from my brain, and not just the left list loving side. ;) 
i think i'll go get my pj's on and go straight to sleep. no reading, no writing.
just darkness. and sleep.
i'm going to post this just after midnight. just because you never know when babies like to come these days, if you give them time as some people do. ;)
i hope you all have a really lovely friday.

p.s. this post is soo beautiful: a great many things. and the music? hah! i'm not the only one with great music in the background! :)

p.p.s. here's another teaser that my facebook friends will be familiar with. ;) i can't wait to post this canvas!! i painted this today, and it was intense.
.....maybe this is too much of a teaser...hmmm.....ah, forget it. i'll post it. g'night:)


Jen said...

AHHHHH!!! I wish my computer was working so I couls be among the informed on Facebook. That canvas looks smashing dear, absolutely smashing :)
Your musings on fresh air really made me want to go outside. I'm thankful it's warm enough to have my office windows open. :)

heart like mine said...

love your writing about your back step.

and congratulations on getting to photograph your friend's birth. what a precious moment you will get to be a part of! i'm sure you'll do great.

i'm so excited to see the painting when it's finally finished!

ohh and i loooove that great many things post. one of my favorites<3

chambanachik said...

Beautiful canvas, of course.

That's so amazing about the birth photo shoot. Trust me, those are pictures that mean more than almost anything. :)