Wednesday, May 11, 2011

storms, brothers, books...peace.

the trees are a bright green.
almost lime.
they grow more with this moody weather.
the sky isn't an intimidating shade of gray, but i hear the vague thunder.
spring storm?

lyd, for not having a camera in her hands that much, totally surprises me with the way she shoots things.
for one, i didn't know my hands looked like that.
different perspective can change any.little.thing more than you can imagine.

last night i finished green at 1:40am. hah. i guess it's a good thing i could sleep in today. but, i've made outside the house it on less sleep before. ;) i can survive nearly anything if i have to.

lyddie came in from running through the sprinkler, took one look at me, and sat down with her box of beads. 
within 10 minutes she had placed a beautiful pair of earrings in my hand. blue and green. to match the dress i'm wearing.
"let me know how they look on me," i joked.
she sighed happily. "they look beautiful on you. like, really beautiful."
cool peach-ginger tea. Elenowen playing on the laptop. a summer *dress*. lol. 
painted white over a started canvas.... getting inspired.
waiting for the sprinkling rain to get faster and harder...
the garlic is growing. so are the cute little yellow weeds. ;)

you need to go listen to the song amazed on this cover list by brendan hollis.
great news. did you see any of these? curious.
this is our loved-used-and-worn zip line.
we installed it... how many years ago? to run through our backyard, from the swingset to the metal T for clotheslines. i remember when i used to use the zip line. well, it was all for a few weeks. i was already too old and surpassed the general weight limit on it; put myself into a pretzel to fly through our backyard.
i'd probably break it now days.
as ben poured these first this morning, a smoothie full of yogurt-cherries-peaches-strawberries, he smiled at me and said "this is my americano."
he jokes that he gets his energy in the morning from natural things. like health potions and smoothies, rather than my 98 out of 100 mornings started with coffee. ;)
peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. 
not as the world gives do I give to you. 
let not your hearts be troubled, neither let them be afraid.
[john 14:27]

this lets me let a deep breath out. it makes me see some of His goodness and mercy [we pray for justice, we pray for wholeness, don't we?] in the midst of every crappy thing that happens in this world both presently and in the past. 
this fills my heart with gratitude as the tide coming in.


Natalie said...

Love that second shot with you in that adorable dress! You grow your own garlic?! I'm intrigued. How long does it take to grow?

heart like mine said...

wow, beka. i don't know why, but the mix of everything in this post...has made this probably one of my favorite blog posts ever.

a. that picture of you with the book...stunning. seriously. :) you are beautiful.

b. how stinkin cute is your sister? oh my word, my heart just melted when i read that she made you those earrings. what a sweetheart. and they are REALLY pretty.

c. "cool peach-ginger tea. Elenowen playing on the laptop. a summer *dress*. lol.
painted white over a started canvas.... getting inspired."
so simple, yet so incredibly lovely. life is such a beautiful thing.

d. "put myself in a pretzel to fly through our backyard." hahaha, that visual is awesome.

e. those smoothies look delicious.

f. that verse is so refreshing. "let your heart not be troubled."
ahh, perfect.

sorry, longest comment EVER, but this post was so wonderful, i couldn't help myself :) happy thursday, pretty girl!

LeAnna said...

That is what I LURV about photography! In each hand, through each eye, some different perspective is found. That is why it is art. It's not the camera, it's the soul behind the lens. Perspective really is everything. Perspective makes my shutter buggin' heart happy.
Cute earrings! Sweet sister. And your brother?

He's strange. ;) (said as I drown my lack of sleep in iced coffee)

chambanachik said...

Love the dress, want the smoothies. :)

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ben. I can't drink coffee, so I get my energy from other things.