Friday, February 4, 2011

artistic endeavors: sunset. sunrise.

mmmmm, nothing like sliced apples (are they gala? i have no idea!) and the tea kettle heating water on the wood-burning stove.
perfect little moment over.
i mean, it's not over, but i'm going to talk about something else.
like...this painting was september?! 23rd???
i was on a stint of nail polish then, i see...
random: i love sterling silver rings.
ah, fall! look at those leaves! the breeze was going...the sun was shining......ah......
the shadows were falling.....
and i went through a sunset/sunrise obsessed time, just trying my hand at them:)
...journals! ♥
pens. i love good quality pens when i can get my hands on them. these were around $5-8 each pack.
i never dish that much out.
i was many americanos is that??
hey...i remember that mocha club missions/charity thing...that was $7 a week...gosh, i feel bad about this......
wait for the punch-line, though.... ;)
let's just say i absolutely love staples' rebate. :) this was what i got --no guilt or pressure of any kind as i browsed for stuff i just wanted-- after i bought a $40 swiss gear laptop bag, which i totally needed. and next to an actual dell bag, it was a pretty sweet that rebate. oh love. totally. :)
it spilled. i jostled it. somehow. :)
i'm pretty sure that was a really good day:)
does it look like a good day, or what? hmmm...
heck. yes.
a cookie, too...a giant one, at that. ;) bible study.... ♥

i ran across a scripture i loved....
and there it is:)
You make beautiful things...You make beautiful things out of the dust....
You make beautiful things...You make beautiful things out of us....
[gungor; beautiful things]


the girl said...

Love it all...especially the half eaten cookie, cup of coffee and Bible! What do you do with your canvas's when they're done?
I would love to have a tea kettle whistling away on a wood burning stove. Sounds so rustic and cozy =)

haze said...

I loooooooove it!!! You are so creative!♥♥♥

p.s. I want that cookie!!! :D

Chana said...

THAT COOKIE?!?!?! Killing me!
Ah! Another beautiful piece of work:)

charla beth :) said...

i love the picture with your coffee, pen in hand and all the underlining in your Bible :)

simplicities like that are so beautiful.

love this post<3

Melissa said...

you are so creative! If I had just a smidgen of your creativity I would be set! :)