Friday, February 11, 2011

i'm asking, not demanding. but i could if i had to, i guess....

{the title is about the last thing i talk about in this post;)}
it's 10:44pm, and something strange just happened to me.
lyd came up (she's been featured in quite a few posts of late! haha!) as i'm trying to read statuses and write a blog post...ummm...i don't multitask like that, don't worry;) .....and she says, "beka, can you turn on that sad song?? the one by carrie?"
oh. my.
"well, i might start crying, so don't look at me funny."
so i push play. but of course she might also be tearing up too.
okay. that intro about makes me tear up. and lyd loves to lipsync with this song. because we're the best at it...
i just love the light coming in the window.

this afternoon, around 5, i.....purchased my camera:)                 ^^webcam shot
the nikon d3000.
tomorrow will be my first day with it:) the battery is charging, and i skimmed a couple pages of the manual earlier.... heheh.

wonderful news: today i woke up and my throat felt better. as in, not a conscious-changing pain-inflicting movement. yay! i've still been abstaining from sugar. no matter how much i've been posting about wanting to bake things, i truly have been abstaining. take for example these amaingly bad-for-you cupcakes with yummo frosting on 'em? they were sitting on the kitchen counter, more than 6 of them.
dang. it.
so tempting!!!!
i resisted. strange, huh? i'm weird. let's all take a deep breath and get over it, shall we? ;)

and...tomorrow....... we go to panera bread to celebrate my birthday a day early.
mainly because on sunday we'll be out of the house for church in the morning, and in the evening we like to it's too much for gram to be out twice in a day. not too good. :/ so! tomorrow i get panera!! i'll be thinking of you all. ;) well, those of you who comment and say at least hi. heh. heh.

ack! i can't wait to post the pictures i take with my nikon baby....gosh. i cannot wait.
{hah. rachel keeps asking me when i'm going to open the box... --i did in the van earlier, just so ya know-- and everyone but me seems outwardly impatient to see this thang...}

oh, and i almost forgot to say--
would anyone like to be my valentine on sunday or monday? we could meet somewhere there's a caribou, and then we'd get this awesome buy one get one for free thang.

i got it in my email the other day, and i just kind of stared at it. the title. er.
hmm. the right side of my back is aching. need a massage. a gentle one, since the pulled muscle is still healing up a bit. i'm not sure but i might try to get some child/sibling labor...... heh;)


Chana said...

I can't wait to see the magic you make with that camera!

rain said...

oh when is your birthday???

the girl said...

Happy almost birthday!! =) I love (is that your room?) with all the canvases, so fun!
Glad you're feeling better too, that will make for a more enjoyable birthday.
And in answer to your question.. hands down, without a doubt A&E P&P is THE BEST!! I think the Keira Knightly one is AWFUL!! I hate the lines, and the acting. and the actor they used for Mr. Darcy... ick =(

Cassandra said...

YAY! I love new toys. I hope you have fun with your camera.

LeAnna said...

Mmmm, you're gonna have a BLAST with that!!!

Cristina said...

Happy Birthday! Congrats on your awesome camera!

(and if we lived near each other, I would've loved to be your valentine and grab a caribou!)

charla beth :) said...

yayyy for a new camera! :) i can't wait to see the goodness that will come from it.

happy valentines day! if we were neighbors, it would be lovely to grab a caribou with you <3 :) i hope you do have a valentine to share caribou with you! have a lovely day, my dear.