Wednesday, February 2, 2011

lovely finds:)

is. this. not. adorable?? what an awesome idea! for the wedding cards, or meaningful letters..... i love the idea:) and we have a woodburner, so i wouldn't need to buy one....i'm imagining the dovetailed joints that ben would craft for the box....oh my, how beautiful would that be. :)
hmmm. me likes this a lot. :) i wish it was a permanent saying of think of me when you drink your tea/coffee, but it's a you-write-it gig. which, has pros and cons. also, wish it wasn't 52 freakin' dollars. heh.
the loveliest post ever, vintage inspired wedding! this is another thing i love. mhmmm. *nods head*
oh, and a new blog i found and hope to read more of--bright wishes. by a sweet girl named brooke. :)
ah. i think i'll just finish my green tea and go to sleep now. see you all later:)


Cristina said...

love all that stuff! so cute. really really like the coffee mug

Chana said...

So cute!! I want it all!