Monday, February 21, 2011

costume drama, anybody??

these would be devastating with the homemade caramel anna makes once in a blue moon.
just sayin'.
[i never do headbands, but look at the sash i picked up. wonder what it went to. now it belongs to my head. heh. anna thought it was cute:) i love the polka dots.]
today was a slow, off day.
what a monday to be a woman. ahem.
fluffy pancakes with syrup for a late breakfast today.
and coffee. 2 mugs.
it's 4:17pm and i have a feeling some sort of costume drama is in the near future, once anna gets up from her nap.
i bought this on amazing for anna's birthday in late march. she can't wait. :)
we've seen it, and love it, and she's hankering to watch it sometime soon...heh.
as per my need for rest and quiet.... [yes, i demand that on the first day.]

i retired to my bed for reading a book and maybe a nap. eh, no nap. reading heaven in my hands and eating chocolate.
mom gave this to me on v-day:)
yeah, methinks anna and i are going to kidnap the tv from the siblings.
oh wait. there go the siblings, on their way outside.
it's dreary again, and it was snowing earlier, but not the pretty sort of snow. just slow, blah flurries.
random: last night i was reading this birth story online before i realized how late it had gotten...and saved it for today. it's okay that i'm weird and find them fascinating. :]
two absolutely favorite posts of mine by joanna goddard:
their house.
do you guys even know how much i heart house stuff?!?!?!?
and the other:
the post of her grandparent's romance.
okay. now is when you should start worrying about me.
one of my favorite parts of return of the king--the lighting of the beacons of minas tirith--has passed, and i'm on to blogging...and reading blogs.
now....this is sweet. dangit, it's little posts like those that set me on that slippery slide to the muddy pool of needing brownies and girlfriends to stay sane. boohoo. nevermind. it's just hormones talking.
earlier, we did indeed watch a costume drama. first half an hour of pride and prejudice, the kiera version.

yes. i know.
some austen lovers like her;) can't stand that version...and i, personally, can't stand kiera. and it just occurred to me tonight that mr. darcy kind of needs a haircut...
call me dense.
i live up to it sometimes.

oh, and i forgot how much i hate la-z-boy chairs that move too far back. in fact, chairs that are too squishy and move too much are on my hate list. never sitting in that certain chair ever again.
but lyd and danny were enjoying p&p for a few minutes alongside me. cute companions. though none too quiet, i say.
....hmm. this one you wouldn't have to do with a husband, particularly, but it would be fun....
this one's like....really cute.
ooooh, i love the green army of dead men!! another favorite part.
ah, and a really cute 60th anniversary post. sheesh.

so, to switch the subject quite snappy-like and everything, tonight anna made a new recipe.
that means a new recipe to post here! and it's easy. ;)
and different. quite. it has ginger and garlic in it. you know recipes that contain both of those means different.
it's cuban black bean soup. and caleb actually liked it. everyone did, in fact.....
and, anna randomly commissioned me to make some sort of dessert.

votes went up around the house for chocolate pudding.

i use smitten kitchen's recipe, cut down on the sugar by almost half, and heap on the cornstarch a bit more.
in fact, i've blogged this pudding before.

and yes...this beautiful mug from hobby lobby was one of those unfortunates that succumbed to the curse. actually, it dropped out of a paper gift bag on our way into starbucks to hang out....hmm. horrible scene, yes? yes indeed.
i even put some finely ground coffee beans on top.
ohhh yes.
you must make this recipe. i made a quad version. mhmm, you read that right. we kind a little bit tonight. i haven't made it in forever.
. . .
sigh. i just found a wonderful site.
ack. i just found a few things i kind of love. house stuff. ya know. 
a burlap tablecloth.
hand-stained wooden shutters.
a veil.
ack! these are adorable.
i shall leave you now....10:32pm.....almost my bedtime. ;)
i need to finish reading that small birth story book anyways. 


No Model Lady said...

Love love love this post. So wonderfully diary-ish.

Rach said...

Cute post. I love reading about your day. :)

Bethany said...

Goodness, where to start? Now I remember why I always want to make bullet point lists to comment on your posts. :)

1) I need peace and quiet one day a month too. I'm glad I have daughters so they'll understand (at least one day... hehe).

2) That post on Cup of Jo about her grandparents' romance is one of my favorites too. I didn't want to stop looking at those photos!

3) I think I might be the one Austen fan in the world who is also a fan of the Keira version. In fact, I... uh... well, that is to say... er... I like it a lot more than the BBC version. Don't hate me.

4) Cuban black bean soup is on monthly rotation around here. It's definitely a favorite! I'll have to whip up some chocolate pudding to go with it next time. Isn't Smitten Kitchen wonderful?

5) Good night, sleep tight, and don't let the hormones bite.

Anonymous said...

I love Pride and Prejudice AND Sense and Sensibility...even though Jane Austen was all about perpetuating women's inferior place in society, which makes me a little angry.

But she basically invented the marriage plot. Girl meets Boy. They kind of hit it off. Something happens to ruin it for a bit, but they eventually get back together, and the whole thing ends with a wedding!
Yep. You can thank Jane Austen for that one.