Friday, February 4, 2011

escaping the house: snow and smoothies.

yeah, cabin fever. it hits the best of us, aye?
this was yesterday.

the past how many days, i've been addicted to having coffee while reading oswald chambers for the day.
lots of all-day-long thought-provoking stuff.
these beautiful things...
made this. and let me tell you: it. was. good.  
weird setting on the camera? i don't know. but please ignore the orange mustache i'm sporting in this photo...heh. :)
yeah, this is usually one of the first things in my morning;) 
i love my brothers much of the time. :] i'm pretty darn thankful to have them in my life.
me: "smile, ben."
ben: "wait. okay, now take it." :)
just a little bit slightly ridiculous:)
so...later that day, around 3 i believe, i was doing the {beth moore}john bible study (which we're almost done with, yay!) ....and suddenly it hit me like a sea of slow-moving sinking sand: cabin fever.
i needed to get out. hated all the material stuff around me, containing me, keeping me in.
i wanted to go out and witness the real beauty.
the hugeness that i've been so unaware of, cooped up inside healing from a cough and pulled muscle.
yeah, that's me and lyd. i'm under there somewhere, behind all the bulk of the brown snow suit and warmth. 
lyd was so excited to have me outside--it's been a few years {literally, now} since i've went outside, bundled up for a more-than-2-minutes-out-in-the-freezing-cold ....just to take pleasure in the snow and gorgeously cold day.
with a scarf protecting my lungs from drawing in the worst of the chill, we set out.
the boulevards on our street were full up with snow; looming mountains on the ends, pushing in by the good ol' plow trucks. we climbed those mountains and stared at the silence-stunning blue skies and glittering, icy, powdery snow.
needless to say, i had a great time.
after a while, though, with not mittens/gloves, and my still recovering, we quit the outdoors in favor for warm noses and cups of hot, green tea. 
she was saying how there were icicles on my eyelashes, and so she tried to capture it. 
i happen to love any and all photos of eyes in the sunlight.

you wouldn't believe me if i said we went in, warmed up, and i had a craving for a coconut milk-strawberry-blackberry smoothie, would you?
because i did.
and gosh, was it lovely. everyone with a tolerance for coconut and berries should try this at least once in their life.
it's amazing.
and i froze because of my love for it. i know...i had it coming. :)
 and easy.
and yummy.
oh yeah, and beautiful.
so, about my book list...i just read chapter 8 of 10 {crazy love} the day before last.
what's new in your life? anything you're working on for your new years' list of some sort??
have a lovely rest of your friday!


April said...

I kinda like the orange mustache! If you've gotta have one, orange is the way to go!

Anonymous said...

Pretty! Beautiful photos!♥

Anonymous said...

looks frosty. :-) my husband laughs when i drink smoothies because my mouth freezes and i talk funny. it would be very difficult to get me to drink this, as yummy as it looks, when there is snow outside. :-)

but looks like a lovely day. :)

Anonymous said...

You put your smoothies in mugs?! Very strange...