Thursday, February 10, 2011

news of all sorts. :]

finally, there were some clean cups to drink out of.
that's great [and not to mention rare] news on a thursday, if you ask me.
"good job, lyd."
finally, we make eye contact, when she notices me at her side.
"good job," i say, loudly as if i'm talking to an old person with their hearing aids not turned up a cinch.
she smiles.

and goes on washing dishes like a beast.
a cute one.
so...bad news? my throat still hurts. but i'm brewing myself a cup of [green] tea as. we. speak.

and...good news? tomorrow i might get my nikon d3000. yessiree. i thought the d5000 sounded really good, with video capability and all, but then figured i've been surviving with mom's non-video camera the past few months, and also the fact i don't want to be in debt with the 'rents. nah. not my favoritest thing to do.
so, the d3000 it is for me.

in other news, why did the siblings leave the mocha cheesecake on the table?? right in front of me?? with that beautiful oreo crust... oh.mah.goodness.
yeah, they mutilated it. they, meaning anna, rachel, and the boys saving themselves pieces wrapped in plastic wrap for a day when they feel better. i requested ben to save me a piece too, since i was reading chapter 10 of crazy love and therefore was quite incapacitated. he joked no, but i told him that the cheesecake wouldn't even exist if not for me, since i made it. of course, saying please {sincerely} half a dozen times helped too.
i made this in late december. part of the cheesecake batter, i poured into a cute 6" cheesecake pan for jen and craig's wedding present. heh. she requested it last year, before she knew she was going to marry anyone...
so of course i held up my end of the deal, as dear friends do:)
yep, no perfectly posed me tonight! aren't you guys so lucky:)
in other random news: i dyed my hair today. a dark reddish brown. more pictures some other day when my throat isn't pained with every swallow and i feel up to aiming the lens with pizazz.

ohhhhh. wait.

who wants to make oatmeal chocolate chip cookies?
that much i know.


Mrs. Bement said...

Gee, I have a sore throat as well. You must have gotten me sick... ;)

As far as your new camera goes, although I think my D5000 is great, I haven't used the video feature once. I just don't have the need... so you are probably making the right decision! Yay for new fun cameras!


Christina said...

I hope your throat feels better soon!!!

MmmmmMMMM sweet treats.

Chana said...

Can I ever read your blog and NOT get hungry? Your hair color is just stunning by the way! I love how rich it coffee almost:)

jessicajane said...

your posts about your little sister make me wish i had one. Well, I do, but she is 24! Haha. Hope you feel better soon! I drank loads of tea last week and it helped!

Anonymous said...

Mocha cheesecake. Cinnamon bread. CC Oatmeal cookies. That's sugar abstinence for sure ;-)

Love the new hair!