Friday, February 25, 2011

some things just make you smile.

i don't have much to say.
but in a good way.
the past day and a half was pretty darn lovely.
a surprise visit from a family we haven't seen the whole of since 2007.
we've seen rayray, brookie, and paige a few times since then, but not the whole family.
it's amazing how much everyone can grow in 4 years. :)
we kind of took about 300 picture with my camera in the how-many-hours they were here...
the best conversation, prayers, laughter, and just being together . . . 
then they left around 11 this morning and i went inside, cleaned the kitchen with this song on repeat.
the end.
[for now.]


chambanachik said...

Miss Beka, let me just say- I was having a blah day and a horrible night. And then I read your tiny post, listened to your "Dream a Little Dream of Me" on the playlist, and if only once, was able to breathe in and out and even smile. So thank you for the respite that your blog often is- absolutely lovely, and quite needed tonight.

Cristina said...

lovely , dear friends are just the best. The best!

Natalie said...

Finally caught myself up on some of your posts! Enjoyed them all! And I love the new banner :D How many different coffee cups do you have? :)

charla beth :) said...

what a sweet post.
sounds like you had a lot of special little moments :)