Thursday, February 17, 2011

the curse of the mugs. and other tid-bits, :]

all that matters right now is that i really am more than kind of addicted to munching on dried cherries and cranberries.
both kinds well-sugared, of course. ;)
so y.u.m.m.y.

*five minutes later*
tired of them. sad fact.
anyways, how was your thursday?
mine: overcast. 60 outside, but the wind was up and around today so it was chillier when i went on a walk with rach around 4.
and well...this morning, i brewed coffee to cheer myself up from the overcast, ugly melting snow sort of day that this was....

and gram, goodness gracious, was in a pretty sweet mood! wonder of wonders it is these days.
she smiled so big and chuckled when i told her i was brewing coffee.....she asked if maybe i could save her some, if it wasn't any trouble.... :)
well of course!
it's truly the little things in the day that make me smile. 
and since my oswald was lost today...still haven't found it, and usually i read the day of his book while i sip my i read in the psalms. because i needed peace. and knowing He is for me. He loves me. and He is good and full of justice and values me.

i'm so putting this picture as my laptop's background......
confession: it was h20 in the cup for this photo. yes! i've been trying to balance out my intake of h20/coffee the past few days.... sigh. do you know how many times i've written that in the trusty old blogger box?? sheesh! i don't know.
tonight anna tried out a new recipe...she saw it in the paper a couple weeks ago. and it was delicious. like a pudding.
p.s. i'm pale.
nasty bathroom picture, i know, but really.
i'm so pale. gah! but just to let you know, i've given up all hopes and ambitions of ever being tan in my life. it's just not possible. literally speaking. and personally, i favor health and whatever else is for me over tanning beds and my vanity.....*gulp*
p.p.s. i'm thoroughly convinced our family is afflicted with the curse of the mugs.
the breaking mugs, that is. normally, though, we only break off the handles. ;) this morning, i had the unfortunate chance of seeing/making this lovely coffee mug break. :/ it's sad, really.
sigh. and this is why i wash and put away --right away-- my special mugs for the future. yep. yessirreeeeee. i don't want my special ones breaking because they're in the circulation. *shudder*

on another note, so glad you all liked the brownie add i posted yesterday;) i thought it was pretty great. couldn't resist. ;)

p.p.p.s. i'm kind of excited and would love you guys to pray for favor-- i applied for the barista position at the nearest starbucks (5-10 minutes away) today! for the first time. ever. strange, huh? since i love coffee so much. looong story. anyhow, i would so appreciate prayers...i'd love to get the job. as if that wasn't obvious. :] much gratitude!


Oh Mandie said...

oh my goodness, I've never seen a coffee mug break in half quite like that! And I'm so glad that I'm not the only one who writes in their bible! When people see mine they think I'm nuts because mine looks a lot like yours :)

PS: Praying that you get that job!!

charla beth :) said...

what a sweet little post.
i love that picture of the creamer going into the coffee - that's one of my favorite sights, too. :D

it sounds like maybe God hid your little book, so you could get into the Psalms :) they never get old. the Scriptures you underlined are beautiful. i love His love.

hope you get that job at starbucks, girly! that would be way too much fun :)

charla beth :) said...

p.s. i looove your new picture at the top with your valentine's mug <3 soo sweet.

Bethany said...

1) I'm hopelessly pale too. I always have to skip the elegant sounding makeup shades like "sunkissed bronze" and "porcelain beige" and go straight for the "copy paper."

2) Regardless, you're beautiful. Is it breaking the 10th commandment for me to have hair envy?

3) Pressed flowers + Psalms + coffee mug (h2o notwithstanding) = beautiful too.

4) I'll be hoping good things for your Starbucks application too. I would have wanted to work there when we lived in the States except I was far more interested in sitting in one of their cozy chairs sipping a frappuccino and writing. I think you would be an amazing barista!

ladaisi said...

Gorgeous new layout hon! I almost bought that mug from Starbucks. ;)

Making coffee always brings a smile to my face too.

I also am rather fond of Oswald Chambers. At one point in time I had no less than FIVE copies of My Utmost For His Highest. FIVE. Not sure why.

Ladaisi Blog

Anonymous said...

Love the new header! Keep it forever.
You don't look pale, but pretty =)