Monday, February 14, 2011

happy-happy-happy valentine's day. :]

yes indeed.
i have to say, a very good idea for valentine's day is plans for girlfriends to come coffee;)...photoshoot in the not-too-cold...thai peanut-sauce and noodles...brownies with pink heart sprinkles and rice crispies study discussion--we finally finished the beloved disciple! yes!!!.....and lots of talking and laughing. side-aching laughs. always at least some laughing. someone always says something.

i played backgammon with rach and lyd today.
ginger and garlic for the thai dinner:)
heather and steph came...
and now for a few captures rach took of us. a lovely sister-friend photoshoot. it's been a while since we've had one of those:)
yep. we made hearts with our hands, yo.
'cause we're strange like that.
i insisted (er, rather, begged and begged) we do another round of hearts so i could chicken out and do a nun-pose. heh. heh. it's one of my favorites. ;)
yeah, we kind of had fun with this....
and yes, indeed, we are good at drama.
so of course we delighted in acting sad. for some reason. because some people are sad on v-day.... ? hehehehe.
we're a hopeful bunch. :)
this is another one of my fav's. quirky? heck yes. :)
and because we love sisters so much....
i ♥ them:)
how was your valentine's day? tell me about it:)


Bethany said...

Re: your sad face:


Also, <3.

Chana said...

You are all so pretty!! What a fun day!

Christina said...

Cute pictures! I like your shirt. :)

Hmm most of my Valentine's Days, or wait, all of them, were relationship-less until after I met my husband and if you remember how that started(online heh when I was 21), I didn't have my first real life Valentine date kinda thing until after we were actually married, years later!

We had a relaxing day yesterday, much needed. :) We did meet my husband for his lunch break, at fast food lol. But our day/evening was nice.

Anonymous said...

That ginger root is kinda disturbing looking.. just chillin on the plate.. haha
cute pics!

Anonymous said...

What a great little photoshoot!