Friday, February 18, 2011

thank you God.

for today.
for hope.
for friends, both cyber-and-here.

for Your word.
for siblings.

for loving parents.
for grandmothers.
for grandpas.

for little ones.
for the wind outside.
for the shadows.
for the intense, beautiful sunlight.

for vehicles.
for coffee.
for movies that make me laugh. [ice age, dawn of the dinosaurs this afternoon]
for great authors.

for quiet moments.
for nap time.
for busy-ness.

for quiet moments.
for nap time.
for busy-ness.

for extended family and the place we went for fish tonight. heh. even though it looks and sounds like a place the mob would run. (no joke; last year when we went there, on my way to the bathroom there were two old men in a not-bright-enough booth who were speaking italian. no. freaking. joke. i laughed, though, since i've heard jokes about the mob, the god-father, etc....never seen the movie.) 
for windows.
for this warm house.

for Your hand in mine.
for Your truth.


Oh Mandie said...

love this Beka!!

Cristina said...

so cute you are.
nice pics, is this w/ our new camera?

{Amy} said...

look at you with your new camera! : )

Christina said...

Very nice :)

charla beth :) said...

wow, thank you so much for writing this.
the seemingly simplest things are often the most important.

& i love that God romances us in so many little ways <3

looks like you had a wonderful day!

Christopher And Tia said...

I have never wanted toast, quite so badly in my life, after those first pictures.