Sunday, February 20, 2011

me: reaching new levels on rainy days.

part I
so there's 102 followers. of course that could change in a day or two. but who the hey cares. right now there's 102 and megan was the latest one! :) :) 
 the numbers 102 remind me of the 103 it'll become when the next person pushes the button, and 103 reminds me of psalm 103. ♥
hellooooo! *waves*
hope you all had a good sunday. *cheers with the coffee mug*
i spent the whole of the early afternoon looking at photography blogs.
in my defense, it's been dreary all. day.
so, photog sites? uh. yeah.
the engagement section on jessica claire. and a maternity one that rocks my socks off. they're so dang cute and she's so perfectly proportioned. and i love all her dresses. dang. 
after all that, i think my need for brownies has grown.
where are they? 
we have a few box mixes in the pantry, waiting to be made, but...
brownies are way better when friends are over to chat with.
this morning we had icey rain dropping down from the sky quite unceremoniously, therefore almost ruining my sunday. besides that fact, a day that looks like this summons a picture of me, curled up on a deep and wide window seat, well insulated and cushioned in adorable scrapbook-paper-designed fabric... comfy handmedownfromwhotheheckknows silver jeans that fit the best; a snug cami and a huge mens pullover; a book in one hand and a mug of something hot in the other; or a period drama on the tv. 

i ended up with some of that.
definitely not the window seat, since that's only in my dreams.
but i got some comfy skinny jeans on and a clean t-shirt i borrowed from ben's laundry pile a few weeks ago when i was doing my laundry. quite comfortable. also, a book that anna just finished: heaven in my hands. birth stories. cool. and of course the mug of something hot.... ;)
all this long while, looking at photoshoots, i've been copying certain links and sharing them with heath, and if i stop now i might save us all from some amount of trauma. i'd rather not spend the rest of my sunday in a singleness state of mind. as i've said before, i usually do just fine. i only turned 20 last week, for goodness sake.
but once in a while...that special sort of companionship, that desire to just having someone . . . yeah, sometimes it attacks me. and that's when i brew the second or third pot in a day. :P

this was the other night, friday, on our way to the mob-owned restaurant for grandpa-and-grandma's 57th anniversary party. i'm sure i just got the numbers wrong. i did last time. it's probably 54th or something...

this skirt was on sale at target in january; i got it for my birthday:) it was, of course, instant love. and fit perfectly. you might not be able to tell, but it's more of a pencil skirt. sheesh, it's almost flaring in the second picture. 

i'll write more later. it's 3:54pm and lyd is watching ramona and beezus for the second time. last night was the first time seeing it, and i loved the wedding at the end--loved her lace dress. gosh. ♥

part II 
we had broccoli-potato hot dish for dinner --i made two pans of it on thursday or friday, so it was nice having to just pop this in the oven tonight:)  
while everyone was watching part one of lord of the rings: the two towers, i washed dishes and made the kitchen look decent again. 
earlier, you wouldn't believe what anna did. she made those muffins. again. thankfully we didn't eat as much of the batter. ;) when she said she was going to make another batch tonight, i stared at my computer screen and questioned her: "are you trying to get us all fat?!"
hahahaha. part I of this post, i described my outfit, yes? that's ben's t-shirt. so comfy. but he wants it back.
me and anna:) innocent sister roped into a picture all because she was coming for a cup of water... 
what can i say? there's nothing like having an older sister. nothing. :)

An older sister is a friend and defender,
a listener, conspirator, a counselor
and a sharer of delights. And sorrows too.

[Pam Brown]

thus ends my post of this dreary sunday.
it's supposed to rain ice or snow tomorrow. 
spring...oh, spring.....sigh. where. are. you.????


chambanachik said...

We are windowseat soulmates...I've wanted one forever!

Paige's Page said...

love your quote about older sisters!

Mrs. Bement said...

OK, so I absolutely LOVE the picture with your feet up on the counter. It's great!

Chana said...

I'm loving all the new cool changes on your blog! And I love your posts, always so packed full of inspiration!

Cristina said...

it's dreary here too, we've gotten some more snow last night :(
but your post is so full of warmth, love it :)

Rach said...

Congrats on 102 followers!

leigh said...

Thanks so much for popping over and reading my blog! I love the Civil Wars songs in the sidebar! I love love love their CD.
<3 leigh

danielle @ take heart said...

you are cute.