Monday, February 28, 2011

too bad i don't have more words. :]

anne of green gables and jo march of little women both have the same problem: reacting badly to the one good man who is pursuing them for something more beyond a friendship.....they don't want anything to change. they want to stay good friends. like buddy-buddy. like...let's be good friends.
on one hand (more like, a few fingers; not the whole hand) i get them. i get it. i understand. but the other hand, and several fingers? um....don't wait when something good is right in front of you. step out.
oh wait.
gil has the best hair ever in the part where he says "it's not christine i care about..." sadly, anne's hairdresser didn't follow the memo. :P hah.
{anne of avonlea}

on the good, normal side of life, i did henna on heather, steph, their mom, my mom.... and later on, anna, lyd, rach and me.

fun stuff. truly.

how is it 11:34pm?
what i really want to do right now is snuggle into my wingback chair, brew the caffe verona i bought from my lovely coffee lady aka heather, and read jack & rochelle.
i'll have to settle for sleep in a wee bit, because it's getting late and i do want to get some sleep before waking up.
so...true story...i'm going to adjourn this post tomorrow. :)

You can't keep a good pessimist down. 
[Mike Shanahan] . . . reminds me to reach for the optimism... :) love that quote.


Hanna said...

Did you finish re-upholstering that chair lady? (hehehe I called you Lady ;) doesn't it feel nice?)

charla beth :) said...

i like this post. short and very sweet :)

Chana said...

Another gem of a post! I had a dream the other night that I came to your house to take family pics and everyone was SO nice to me and we had the best time:)