Saturday, February 5, 2011

carry me...

this is all i have.
life is strange right now.
no words.
just trusting.....some things in life are like tunnels. aren't they?
there's always an end somewhere.....coming someday......


Anonymous said...

He's got you in His hands...
every breath, every day, every nuance and hope and the beginning and end and in between.


charla beth :) said...

great song. so much truth to it.

and those moments of weakness are the ones i think He loves the most because then we have none of our strength to pull from and He can be strength for us.

whatever season you are going through right now, it is just that...only a season. that doesn't make things easier, but the lessons to be learned are always worth it.

hope you are doing okay<3

Christina said...

Whenever things are weird or not going good, I always think "this too shall pass." My life is blessed but there are things we are waiting on to happen, and I think we finally see light at the end of the tunnel!