Tuesday, February 8, 2011

backgammon. sisters. and other things that make me happy.

this is one of the things that makes me happy. coconut milk+frozen strawberries and berry mix from wally-world=my love.
a book i started yesterday --about to read the 10th and final chapter of crazy love soon, too! i recommend it, highly!-- for time and eternity. it's...fascinating. i'm really enjoying her writing style. the first book i've read by allison pittman; it's gotta be one of the first fiction books i've read this year. (i used to be more up on the fiction world, but whatever. everything has its place.)
of course baking something with cinnamon and sugar has got to make the happy list. ;) that post is coming soon! i was working on it today. 
so she kinda loves the hat. you'll have to put up with her cuteness for the rest of this post. ;)
this little sister o' mine taught me how to play backgammon today. 
a few weeks ago, a friend from church taught her, and she's been obsessed with playing it and teaching everyone in the household.... up until now, everyone else but me has had the pleasure of being under her tutelage. heh. :)
backgammon. it kinda reminded me of the game mancala. moving your pieces, in turn, around the board and into specified goals. fun stuff. :)
the books i'm reading. 1. for time and eternity. 2. my esv bible. 3. the john bible study.
i snapped pictures while lyd took her turn.
okay, so there's this really cool thing about playing a game with someone sitting across from you.
you can start singing to the songs on the remix cd playing in the kitchen.
all of which include.... better: matthew mayfield. calling you: blue october. first in line: matthew mayfield. just a dream: carrie underwood. on repeat. booohooooo.

and, if you ever ever wondered, we. are. dramatic. well, we tend to be. some of the time. i know you can't tell. we keep it well-veiled. isn't that a pity?

so by the 3rd time just a dream was playing, lyd was tearing up and not pulling any smiles. not even for the camera. well, of course not for the camera! we're listening to this song, peoples; we're sad! we're not going to fake it for the freakin' camera. no way.
yeah, i even caught a capture of young, melancholy eyes, tearing up. *sniff sniff*
a couple minutes after that, we went back to playing the game pretty normal, since anna switched it back to a matthew mayfield song that she's addicted to.
all in all, a pretty darn good time with my littlest sister:)
i totally recommend the game of backgammon. pretty fun stuff, if you have an amusing gaming partner. ;)

and now i'm off to bed, at 10:12pm, to read for a bit and sleep the night and early morning hours away. i'm about wilted right now.

ah! we watched the black and white film notorious, starring cary grant and ingrid bergman. heck. yes. and dad totally called the ending, how sad is that?! i mean, it's not a bad ending. there's hope. ;)


charla beth :) said...

what an adorable post! :) days with little sisters are the best.

p.s. you look so pretty in these pictures!

Oh Mandie said...

aww, your sister is a cutie! Looks like you had a very fun day! You know, I have no idea how to play backgammon... I'll have to google how to play!

And I'll be eagerly awaiting your post on all things cinnamon and sugar!

jessicajane said...

gosh, you two are pretty cute. I cant wait to see your baking blog post! yum. and yeah, that carrie underwood song is the saddest song ever. when my husband was deployed and it would come on i had to change it immediately.

Anonymous said...

I like this post. alot.

Sara said...

You two are so cute :)

Oh, and LOVE Notorious! One of my faves. Ingrid Bergman, Cary Grant, Claude Rains, Hitchcock... what's NOT to like??