Sunday, February 6, 2011

caribou, oh caribou.

sunday, february 6 2011
sad fact: today was the birth date i put down for caribou.
don't know why i did that, but i did.
 [august 25 2010, with anna and sam and reese:) one of the best days ever. and, um, i can't find a post about that day, which seems really really wrong...especially considering my previous statement of it being the best. hmmm. strange. must reminisce and post the pictures!!]
and since the nearest caribou is 15 minutes away and we don't go to geneva on sundays, my free drink was forfeit. how sad is that?!
what doesn't make things better is that even if i put down my real birth date, it's still on a sunday.
we don't drive to geneva on sundays.
i think i mentioned that.
and yes i know i'm weird for putting down fake birth dates for online accounts...but i do it. so whatever. it's not the worst thing i could be doing. pshhh.


Anonymous said...

That looks SO good. I need one.

Anonymous said...

If I was as obsessed with coffee as you are, I would be sadder about this. Sadly, I can't really drink coffee because it makes me all anxious and my heart beats too fast. I don't like that.

Still for your sake, this is a bummer. But what, I think I read something that said you can still get your free drink... so... YAY! Not so bad.

Anonymous said...

I guess that is what happens when you read all the posts in backwards order...