Sunday, February 27, 2011

my saturday.

or should i say, weekend?
i'm sure there'll be something to write about sunday.
but... my saturday:
trailing along to scrapbooking get-together.
reading the ww2 letter.
while everyone else scrap-booked that morning, instead of reading the ww2 book i brought {jack & rochelle sutin}....
i read this letter written january 22 1945... addressed to the family of our pastor's wife's aunt. written so well, it read like part of a novel. needs to be in a war-letter compilation or something. someone should write... a whole book about it. i know someone could. :)
you start with this: ^^
next, pour..... the half and half. and don't think of how bad it is for you;)
brewing and drinking coffee.
gosh i love the way it looks before it all blends together.

*happy sigh* you see, our house ran out of coffee friday afternoon. oh boy.

cleaning the kitchen to switchfoot. ^^that picture, i took after ben and i came home...
walking in snow flurries with ben to get coffee at the nearest grocery.
snow. snow. snow. not too many inches of it, but it's everywhere and didn't melt at all today. :/
starting off, and home, all warm. my purchases secured for the sanity of the next two mornings... ;)

watching the bourne identity with anna. :) she was in the mood for a killing movie. um. don't ask. all i can say is, it wasn't the normal hormones. heh.

watching born of hope with the family....arathorn's last years and aragorn's childhood, basically.
holy. crap.
there was just....a lot done today. a lot of pictures to post, a lot to talk about.
including coffee, sisters, and snow. ;) did i say there are a lot of pictures?
a lot of pictures.
but, this is one thing i can quickly write about..since i already have a loooong post above this:)
today i read up on julian smith's family. sorry. just too curious. hey! he's got 5 siblings. how awesome is that, yeah? and he's married. good on ya, mate.
his sister, jeorgi, does these devotionals...encorporating her photography into them. it's amazing.
like this one:
so...that's what i'm going to leave you with tonight.


Hanna said...

Half in half has sooo many calories, but it is SOOOO yummy. A chai tea latte is almost lost without half and half.

Rach said...

Looks like a wonderful Saturday...

Lucy The Valiant said...

My coffee has half and half in it right this minute, and it is sooo good. Love all your snow pictures!

ladaisi said...

A Perfect Post. So many favorite things. Scrapping, old letters, and coffee. Funny that you have all these photos too - it's all about the color of the coffee once you've put the half-n-half in. I am so picky.

Ladaisi Blog

Anonymous said...

Ooo how is that Born of Hope movie? I LOVE LOTR! have you read the books? even better!

I'm glad you're the one getting the snow and not us :p I'm so done with it! It's been raining here though.. which makes everything icky and muddy. Ah well spring will arrive soon.

Anonymous said...

Okay, the LOTR Fan Film makes me giggle...a lot. I had no idea they make those. I used to be a HUGE Lord of the Rings nerd...