Monday, February 7, 2011

my first meme. evah.

meme noun \ˈmēm\ (
: an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture.
i’ve been tagged by ladaisi to participate in a meme. 
......the rules are as follows: list seven things about yourself that other people may not know, and then tag fifteen other bloggers (or, in my case, five).

1. i just learned that the free birthday drink from caribou stands for the whole month of my birthday:) that makes me happy. i can't stand my coffee too sweet. when i order a latte once in a blue moon, i have an extra shot of espresso put in. :]
2. i have a birthmark the shape of a candle. an upside down one, that is. tried to edit it so you could see it; not taking a special picture right now just for a birthmark ;)

3. i can never stand to watch little women after jo rejects laurie's proposal. they totally could've made it work. and that german guy she ends up with is going to die ages before she does, anyways, so.....why not say yes to laurie?! who freakin' cares if you fight every day of your life together. what an excuse. you would, over time, learn to live with each other. ;) she would just have to get over her and her dramatic self. hah.

4. i have some ocd tendencies. one that bugs anna and dad the worst (everyone else just goes with it) is i have to have to have the counter clean before i make something in the kitchen. after moving things to de-clutter, and a good swipe of a hot, wet towel, i'll be in business. come to think of it, i still have yet to write that ocd post that anna and a few friends are telling me to write....

5. i think birth, the options and educating yourself that's available hello, library!!, and birth stories are fascinating. don't laugh. can you blame me?! what with my sister, a doula in training, i've definitely learned a lot.... ^^the best birth story/book ever. ever. ever. :) 

6. when i was younger (again, don't laugh) i designed and drew my wedding dress. mostly inspired by arwen and eowyn's dresses in lord of the rings... um, needless to say, my tastes have changed a bit and i'd rather a different design; a bit more simple and not quite so much fabric to lug around. heh. :)

7. i have a crush on this espresso machine. sorry. this last point is kind of obvious.

...oh, and just to let y'all know, danielle is having love stories like this one posted at her blog... kinda interesting. and cool. and i made her cinnamon bread the other day, so i'll post about that someday soon:)
someday's a dangerous word..... ;)


Mrs. Bement said...

Wiping down the counters and requiring a clean kitchen is a GOOD thing! I don't always do it, and then I regret it half way through cooking...

And by the way, I used to want my wedding dress to be like Arwen/Eowyn's as well. I had my mom made me one (wasn't a wedding dress but was definitely LotR) when I went to a Lord of the Rings convention a few years ago.
Did I mention I was kind of a nerd?


Chana said...

Yeah for this post! I loved learning more about you!

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way about little women. Jo is an idiot for turning Laurie down.