Tuesday, February 15, 2011

today was like this:

somewhat crappy.
festering frustration that i'm not going to write about here.
the things i am most thankful to God for today: Himself. coffee. beautiful music. dear friends and siblings who love me for exactly who i am...no matter what.

isn't it just like life to be wonderful two days in a row (sunday and monday) and then kabam, a day like this happens?
oh, and chocolate. can't forget that stuff;)
p.s. sorry, everyone, for the strange picture of the ginger chillin' on the plate in the last post!! yeah...i was in need of sleep, on a high of brownies with pink heart sprinkles when i uploaded pictures and wrote that post....oops.
and....plenty of carbs. thai noodle leftovers for breakfast and afternoon snack? yes. and homemade mac-n-cheese, too. confession: sometimes food is the only exciting thing in my life.
and to end on a really good note since this started out really vaguely not-too-sunny..... (the mug: b-day present from rach; a starbucks mug that looks like a valentine!! love it:)
this morning: coffee and oswald. ♥ i'm thankful.


chambanachik said...

Gorgeous Valentine's mug. That can make up for a lot of yuckiness, right? :) Love the music, too.

charla beth :) said...

i adore that valentines day mug!

i'm sorry you didn't have a good day yesterday,
but i hope today will be a great one for you :)

Bethany said...

I had a crappy day too... and am now self-medicating with Danish butter cookies and apple-cinnamon tea. So yes. Understand I do. That's a beautiful mug though, and hopefully you'll have enough of that chocolate left to start tomorrow on the sunnier side.