Saturday, February 12, 2011

a post mainly of pictures: meet nikon!

my first shot this morning. icy window. yep:)
i didn't even head down for a shower before i put this thing together. {and let me tell you: people who know me know i love showers. and nearly nothing goes first before it.}
so i screwed on the lens, popped in the battery, and made sure i had an sd card in it...
what can i say?? i'm quite excited:)
yeah. so excited you get a morning shot of me. oh boy.
good morning!
:) :) :)
i'm just a tad bit happy right here.
i'm not sure if you could tell.
can you?
...testing it out in different light--11am, waiting in the van to go to panera bread:) for a few of the best photos from celebrating my birthday a day early with grandma and grandpa:)

clam chowder and turkey artichoke hot panini....
and a small coffee that i refilled and shared with a few precious siblings who took off the cover like low-level germaphobes in fear of my recovering sore throat. ;)
with grandma:)
with grandpa:)

with grammy:)

altogether, a really fun time at panera with the family:)
quite enjoyable.
and tomorrow i turn 20. around...12:30am....
let's see a few more photos....
yeah, she's due for a haircut, but today i put it in pig-tails. :) sheesh. could she be any cuter??
heheh i always love a good quirky shot.
i'm quite liking the shade of this month.
except for the fact that my roots are a bit lighter/blunter of a shade of red-brown than the rest....el.oh.el.
all set up for a couple hours of work ....and fun:) like reading your lovely blogs:)
ze kitchen i cleaned. oh boy. and yeah, i know it's not quite finished....
...and there it is:)
need sleep. waking at 7. should brew coffee. dress warm. probably will be sung to in front of how-many people.... ah dang.
goodnight! ♥


LeAnna said...

Pretty little thing! If you come across any fabric you love, I'll make you a strap cover!

Melissa said...

Happy Birthday!
Love all of the pictures, looks like you had a good time at panera, I love panera bread :)

rain said...

haaaappppyyyy birthday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs. Miscellanea said...

YAY! Your blog looks great, Beka, I love all the new buttons, so cute! And Happy Birthday :)