Tuesday, February 22, 2011

subject: creepy restaurants owned by the mob. el.oh.el. ;)

friday night. it was february 18:)
it was looking like this.
that whole day was gorgeous. the hugest glimpse of hope in this latter part of winter God could have given me. 
yessirreeeeee. beautiful, huh?
so my hair was crazy, my apron tied on because kitchen duty was mine to call that day...
but gosh it was beautiful, and not too cold either!
so of course i attack one of my brothers and place my baby in their hands.
because that's what any girl does on an afternoon with gorgeous sun and spring fever fading away....
see what i mean? crazy hair. it had been up and down and up and down from a crochet-hook-stuck bun. all day.
PLUS: i had the strange impulse to part it weird that day. darnit. not sure it fared too well.
i had the audacity to crop out my brother cubby for this one.
and this one.
what can i say? i like mixing colors. purple t-shirt, green pullover, blue skinny jeans, turquoise-and-white-and-grey striped socks, black flats...and that lovely apron.
so. onto the title material.
title for this photo: beka, wonderful garage crap, green alien light, and sap buckets, etcetera for maple syrup making. it's about that time of year. once it's warmer in the daytime and colder in the night, we're syrup making. well, the guys are. :)
yay! i am so excited about going to a mob restaurant.
whoa, whoa, whoa.. please don't trip over the sarcasm there, peoples. especially you ladies who are pregnant. safety first, hon.
i munched on this all. the. way. there. staring out the window for glimpses of the huge orange low-slung moon, i finished off the last half of this bag. um....the other day i started it; the day i got my camera. lots of car time? =trail mix! this is not from years of experience that i speak. i'm just sayin'. milk chocolate, nuts, and cranberries are kind of good.
my best shots at the moon without a tripod and a much-needed aperture fix....
creepy thing #1: the place has no windows.
at least, that i'm aware of.
does that not creep you out?! i love windows. i need windows. windows make me feel safe and loved and......show me the world while i'm eating. no matter that's it's darker than dark outside. :)

i need windows.
but thank goodness i'm not prone to panic attacks or anything, otherwise i'd be in trouble with going here.
could have been a nice sister picture, but the rooms are so dim. darnit.
sorry for the blurriness, but i had to post this icon of sisterly love.
heh. heh. 
they have weird bathrooms there.
and last year when we were at that restaurant, the bathroom door snagged my hand and gave me a little slice on the side of my palm. bad door.
now, we took quite a few funky shots in this loo mirror, but i'm going to try not to humiliate my sisters and myself and just post a few of the better ones. ;)
now i have come to the end.
you have now experienced as much of the mob-owned restaurant as i was brave enough to capture. which...isn't much, obviously.
so sorry about that.
but one last word: the waiters who greeted us and summoned us to the back room where our extended family waited for dinner, they were italian. or something. ya know. they had accents. those accents. and the guy who motioned us to the back room said these few words: "far, far away."
odd much? 
heh. heh.
thus ends my post about the only restaurant i've encountered that i feel needs a sledgehammer taken to the walls. ya know. that place needs windows. i'd just feel better. :]


Bethany said...

My husband and I used to go to a jazz club in Philly that was like that -- windowless and dim with mysterious back rooms... We were sure it was a mob business that had to run something legitimate (aka jazz club) once a week just to evade the authorities, but we went anyway. We even went regularly when I was pregnant with Natalie and the only thing I could order off the drink menu was coffee. Good times!

Lucy The Valiant said...

Oh, you gotta have windows!

Love the apron!!

Hanna said...

I do love that apron. And you are a gorgeous one! Your hair looks cute even "Crazy"!
Don't you just love those days when you don't care if things match perfectly because you just want to wear them? I sure do!

Anonymous said...

It's so funny how you think your hair looks funny or awful cause you part it differently or something.. but I think it looks lovely!
Mine used to have curl in it until I had bobbins and now it's straight as a stick. Crazy huh?
Btw I can see your cute socks.. they can't hide from me haha