Saturday, February 19, 2011

i heart: learning. {for instance, aperture!}

with late-afternoon, nearing-sunset-time light coming through the dining room window, i'm reading an awesome, much-needed, easy to understand tutorial on using cameras like mine.

i'm loving it.
learning new things and different settings i can use.... yay!
so of course i'm testing it out, different apertures....on the window, on the kitchen that needs organizing, on me. the flowers in the middle of the table from valentine's day., don't ask me why there's a dollar sitting on the roses and baby's breath.
i. don't. know. why.
also, i don't know how it's still there? well, we do have some morals--like for instance, no stealing. heh:)

f/3.5 --aperture at the lowest my camera does. there's also this little beauty of a lens that would be lower aperture...
f/22 or so. *laughs* a higher number, to be sure. more light let in, and yeah...i couldn't take the waiting how many long seconds, so i wiggled the camera in a squiggly design.
no idea what number f/ i had for this....i believe i was back down to around f/5?

yep. testing it out, baby.
so....i just wanted to let y'all know that my last post, so simple and sweet, did not reflect how my day ended. that was in the mid-afternoon, right about this golden-sunlight time, reveling in the spring-yness of the day and the wind making everything beautiful. hmm. last night ended with a long discussion of me putting my blog before my more important siblings. namely, my lovely older sister. we were going to watch a movie on my laptop --the stoning of soraya-- and i put her off to bad idea. but once i realized my mistake, and how my putting her off made her feel, (not important in my life at all, --which, hey, all the evidence pointed to such a thing!) my lesson is learned and i'm going to keep in mind that i can save it, press the x button, and continue later and who the heck cares if it's published into the next day and there wasn't a post technically published on friday. as i said...lesson learned.

oh boy. the cruella deville theme song is going through my head. lyd was watching it a bit ago.....heh.
catchy, i say!!

oh my. so that sweet lady amanda who wrote the camera post?? she has this post on their redo of the laundry room.
our laundry room is in the basement, as has one of those little windows above the washer....but it's not dressed up or anything down there. heh. i'd love to have a sunlight-filled laundry room someday. all to myself. { know what i mean.}

i'm leaving you now until way later. like after dinner. i'll talk to you more then.
hopefully i shall go out for a walk around sunset...should be soon......of course i'll take my nikon with me;)
inbetween dicing green peppers for mac-n-cheese lentils for dinner, i barely managed to get a shot of the sunset. a barely decent wasn't one painted with intense shades.
tonight we watched a movie....
ramona and beezus.
for the first time ever.
i loved it. to pieces.
earlier, anna had the notion to make chocolate-cherry muffins.
needless to say, we definitely had our fair share of the batter...laughing and reaching our spoons in for more....quite unashamedly... ;)
our household altogether has a firm belief in the wonders of batter. raw, awesome batter. this was no exception to the rule. it was amazing. dried, sweetened cherries in a chocolate-cake-like batter?? happy sigh.
let's just say i wish you were here for that. ;)

p.s. this music is pretty awesome, albeit techo-ish. brandon moyer. we had it turned up and bass cranked in the sanctuary of church, we were alone and setting up drums, bass and guitar to practice a song we're doing tomorrow for a special. gosh, this music was amazing --especially the song "heaven's gates"... but it was awesome. and another song, wow: it was so good. great beat. [might've been mortal kombat, jumpstyle remix.] totally had anna and me dancing. heh. gotta have fun once in a while. it was something you could dance and exercise to --alone in a room with the stereo cranked. key word: alone. ;)


Lucy The Valiant said...

Wow those muffins look GOOD! And playing with the settings on a camera? Fun!!

sarah said...

i'm loving watching you learn about your new camera. :) i did a very fun (but slightly dumb) thing in college and graduated with a degree in photography, so it's near and dear to my heart. i'm excited to see how your 'learnin' will affect your already gorgeous food photos...

Anonymous said...

i love this post...makes me miss blogging. i've been so busy and tired that my writing is affected and there ya go. LOVE your new camera and oh my...the photo with the curtain? LOVE! the way you captured the light and the mood...that's one thing about my little point and shoot that makes me sad...anything in low light turns out too dark or grainy. trying not to be jealous over here. :-)

and here's to lessons. <3 i remember learning that one...only mine was my dearest darling husband. *tear* *so sorry, baby!*

sending hugs to you and anna today. :)

Kelsey said...

I love your new banner, it is SOOOOOO you!

charla beth :) said...

what a sweet little day.

those muffins look divine!

Anonymous said...

Man that new camera is magical. The pictures you are taking with it - magnifique!