Friday, December 24, 2010

mac n cheese lentils.

but this is way healthier than normal mac n cheese.

and other than how much cheese you put in it, it has no dairy.
and it's lentils.
how much better can you get?
ha. ha. ha.
hand art.
dicing peppers...about 6-9 for our family, but maybe 3 for a normal recipe. heheh. 
around 32oz of chicken broth, lots of peppers, parmesan cheese (we only used one of those containers, though some went ahead and put another handful on. psh.) 2 cups lentils, and one onion minced. oh, and garlic.
and coffee. ;)
it was pretty darn easy and very yummy like always, so i don't think anyone would mind if i made lentils every day for the rest of my culinary life??
he laughed and started singing racist coffee, by julian smith. pshaw. :)
just because. i like pouring pictures.
me and the brother. :)
saute the peppers and onion and garlic first, then throw the lentils and broth in.
salt it up. not too much though.
make sure you stir and scrape the bottom a lot. don't want it to burn.
ze recipe:)
the parmesan cheese. pasta you'll want to cook when the lentils are almost done.
lentils done, i threw the pasta into the same pot after i rinsed it.
toss it all in there on top of the still-hot lentil mixture. stir it up:)
it'll get nice and cheesy. add more cheese if ya want to. ;)
.......this stuff is really good.
it's one of the only lentil dishes lyd likes.

funny thing, today i had to buy 20GB of space on here for photos. good thing it was only $5 for the year/20GB. this past year of blogging has had me filling up the 1GB they have you start out with. fun, fun!

well then.
we're off to Dad's family gathering.
i guess now that it's the eve of the day, i'll say it....
merry christmas!!


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Merry Christmas!!!