Friday, April 1, 2011

rejoice my heart, you've been made whole . . .

no words for how much i love this song.
today, in the spacious bathroom at the place the conference is held:
it's rainy.
i read nearly the whole chapter 1 of green by mr. dekker.
'tis very good.
then i took an hour nap--which i woke up halfway through it thinking i smelled a delicious garlic-bread sort of aroma, but when i saw the time i gave up. and tried to sleep until my alarm went off.
tonight is the 3rd of 4 meetings for the women's conference our church hosts . . .
i get to deal with technical stuff: sit in the back like last year when i wrote this post, and i put lyrics on the wall for the worship we sing. unfortunately, there were some big problems last night that had me wishing i had a gun to blast the thing with --outside, of course. ;) but the guys (ben and jason) fixed it, so all's well and hardly any stress today. yippee. it's fun stuff. guys are an exceedingly amusing race. 
tomorrow i hope to hit caribou and target with mom and anna:)

everything has been figured out, except how to live.
[Jean-Paul Sartre]

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