Wednesday, December 1, 2010

artistic endeavors: psalm 62. sunset, sunrise.

It was snowing quite a bit more today.
September 26
Of course I'm going to post some shots from the surrounding part of the day.
Remember that Moroccan Stew I talked about a while back??
Good, but without the golden raisins. :P heh.
I have to post the recipe sometime.
So, in September, our church had a few hours of scrapbooking hosted in their lower level. Lovely time.
[Funny thing, Chelsey over at The Paper Mama just posted a picture of oven-door reflections.]
I didn't scrapbook. But I took a few pictures, and made pesto pizza on toast, and heated up apple cider.

[yes, i believe i just made that word up. i so totally rock, dude! no i don't! i'm just kidding! i burned the first batch of toast under the broiler that day and nearly smoked us out!! haha. that was not fun.]
So, later that Saturday, Anna and I worked a few hours at the flea market.... :) It. Was. Chilly. Not to mention windy.
The scene looking out from our abode behind the counter.....oh yeah, and brownies with nuts in 'em.
I. Love. Those. Brownies.
Have to have one every time we go there.....
Nice narration in the pictures, huh?
Yeah. Photoscape rocks my socks off. But not literally's chilly out. haha.
Onto other blue paint on my hands, the same shade as an Avatar:
Ah darn, I miss my camera.
I'm seriously considering going into debt with the 'rents just so I can have a camera, and asap.
And then, a few days later, I added words.....because it's mine. :)
And I love it hanging on the golden shade the walls of the hall are painted.
And this commences today's art post.
There ya go.
I'm needed in life.....It's Gram's birthday today, but heck she's not in a good mood right now. Oh joy.
Please God, calm her down.
Anyhow. You all have a lovely December!


Mrs. C said...

that stew looks so amazing, I wish I had some :)
Definitely post that recipe sometime!

Marisa Hopkins said...

Those desserts.... yum!!! One of each for me, please! And hurrah for artistic endeavors! Just beautiful!

Bethany said...

I have that Hershey's shirt too but not the blue hands (sadly). I love seeing your art! You have such whimsical handwriting...

Vanessa D. Alexander said...

Thanks for dropping by Beka. Glad I came over here. What a wonderful, wonderful creative blog. Love those brownies and the scene that accompanies.


rain said...

what do you find works best when you write on your canvas? paint and brush? i bought these 'paint pens'...have you used those? and do you wait til your canvas is completely dry?