Monday, February 28, 2011

too bad i don't have more words. :]

anne of green gables and jo march of little women both have the same problem: reacting badly to the one good man who is pursuing them for something more beyond a friendship.....they don't want anything to change. they want to stay good friends. like buddy-buddy. like...let's be good friends.
on one hand (more like, a few fingers; not the whole hand) i get them. i get it. i understand. but the other hand, and several fingers? um....don't wait when something good is right in front of you. step out.
oh wait.
gil has the best hair ever in the part where he says "it's not christine i care about..." sadly, anne's hairdresser didn't follow the memo. :P hah.
{anne of avonlea}

on the good, normal side of life, i did henna on heather, steph, their mom, my mom.... and later on, anna, lyd, rach and me.

fun stuff. truly.

how is it 11:34pm?
what i really want to do right now is snuggle into my wingback chair, brew the caffe verona i bought from my lovely coffee lady aka heather, and read jack & rochelle.
i'll have to settle for sleep in a wee bit, because it's getting late and i do want to get some sleep before waking up.
so...true story...i'm going to adjourn this post tomorrow. :)

You can't keep a good pessimist down. 
[Mike Shanahan] . . . reminds me to reach for the optimism... :) love that quote.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

my saturday.

or should i say, weekend?
i'm sure there'll be something to write about sunday.
but... my saturday:
trailing along to scrapbooking get-together.
reading the ww2 letter.
while everyone else scrap-booked that morning, instead of reading the ww2 book i brought {jack & rochelle sutin}....
i read this letter written january 22 1945... addressed to the family of our pastor's wife's aunt. written so well, it read like part of a novel. needs to be in a war-letter compilation or something. someone should write... a whole book about it. i know someone could. :)
you start with this: ^^
next, pour..... the half and half. and don't think of how bad it is for you;)
brewing and drinking coffee.
gosh i love the way it looks before it all blends together.

*happy sigh* you see, our house ran out of coffee friday afternoon. oh boy.

cleaning the kitchen to switchfoot. ^^that picture, i took after ben and i came home...
walking in snow flurries with ben to get coffee at the nearest grocery.
snow. snow. snow. not too many inches of it, but it's everywhere and didn't melt at all today. :/
starting off, and home, all warm. my purchases secured for the sanity of the next two mornings... ;)

watching the bourne identity with anna. :) she was in the mood for a killing movie. um. don't ask. all i can say is, it wasn't the normal hormones. heh.

watching born of hope with the family....arathorn's last years and aragorn's childhood, basically.
holy. crap.
there was just....a lot done today. a lot of pictures to post, a lot to talk about.
including coffee, sisters, and snow. ;) did i say there are a lot of pictures?
a lot of pictures.
but, this is one thing i can quickly write about..since i already have a loooong post above this:)
today i read up on julian smith's family. sorry. just too curious. hey! he's got 5 siblings. how awesome is that, yeah? and he's married. good on ya, mate.
his sister, jeorgi, does these devotionals...encorporating her photography into them. it's amazing.
like this one:
so...that's what i'm going to leave you with tonight.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

house stuff: window seats. a.k.a. ♥

oh yay.
tonight i have next to nothing to post...well, i didn't until i looked in my drafts. ;)
this is a perfect night for some sighing and mental drooling and sighing over house stuff.
i really like this one:)
it's from this blogpost.

this one? sweet. heck yes. but a bit wider. and a tiny bit more deep.
from this site.
pretty nice idea, this one has.
from this site.

...^^this one needs a more unconventional color scheme to please me, but if you don't have a naturally built-in window seat, this looks alright i guess.

gosh. it's like a bed. you could wake up with the sun every day. ;)
from this site.
ah, this old house. i love this collage. so bright and not-so-ordinary. ;) hehe.
from this site.
. . . house beautiful never fails to do it for me in the way of house stuff. it's my favorite of all, i'd have to say.
found here in the slideshow.
a bit too much color and patterns going on here for me, but still. me loves.
found here, also in the slideshow.
house beautiful, once again.
found here in the slideshow.
ah. ♥
found here, in a slideshow i really love.
that's a sleek looking window seat if i ever saw one.
:) found here in the slideshow.

yikes. i'm completely enamored with the house tour and stuff the little green notebook lady did to joanna's space. goodness me.

it's only 9:48pm, but i'm going to hop in bed soon.
i'm listening to this song by kari jobe. it's kind of amazing...

and i started the jack & rochelle book the other day...nonfiction. ww2. autobiography. in this case, all of that a pretty good book, according to dad, anna, and heather. :) i'm almost through the first chapter. hey! they're long and detailed, going through a bit of family history on present pages.

oh! here's a bit of today.
i walked in the snow flurries with ben. to get coffee. to survive until monday, when heather brings me some good deal coffee. ;) my lovely coffee lady.

i shall write about today...tomorrow.
Strange, isn't it? Each man's life touches so many other lives. When he isn't around he leaves an awful hole, doesn't he?
[It's a Wonderful Life]

Friday, February 25, 2011

some things just make you smile.

i don't have much to say.
but in a good way.
the past day and a half was pretty darn lovely.
a surprise visit from a family we haven't seen the whole of since 2007.
we've seen rayray, brookie, and paige a few times since then, but not the whole family.
it's amazing how much everyone can grow in 4 years. :)
we kind of took about 300 picture with my camera in the how-many-hours they were here...
the best conversation, prayers, laughter, and just being together . . . 
then they left around 11 this morning and i went inside, cleaned the kitchen with this song on repeat.
the end.
[for now.]

Thursday, February 24, 2011

i have a thing for peanut sauce and sriracha.....

i think the title was a good start. ;)
spaghetti a-cooking. 
we first had this at noodles & co. i love that place. :) their japanese pan noodles are the bomb. nice and spicy in that different way. love!!!
to go with the broccoli after you steam it, we bought a can of stir fry veggies. 'twas good. added more different stuff than the last time we made this.
yay for chicken....couldn't resist posting the picture;)
yes, this thai dish calls for chicken.
i think i have mentioned this before, but i love mushrooms. i'm so glad God made mushrooms.
garlic and ginger? those are the two ingredients that clue me into the fact that it's a special recipe. :)
okay, so i'm pretty obvious sometimes.
oh well.
i love it when the spaghetti finally shows signs of giving into the boiling water effect.
this is me after grocery shopping with my dear anna:) such a fun time. need to do that more often. there are some fine-looking guys at the grocery stores! who knew?? ;)
this was inbetween chopping, peeling, and dicing different stuff for and with her for dinner.
:) y'all really need to make this recipe.
why oh why do i have to be at a loss for words tonight? goodness.
well, i guess i haven't talked about today.....hmmmm.....
and.......this is where the sriracha sauce comes in:)
minced garlic, onion, ginger, and mushrooms....sauteed. then squeeze in some sriracha to give it some kick. it takes more than you think to reach a good point of heat, but gosh it's good.
steamed veggies all tossed in together.
oh, and don't forget lime juice. yummo.
just a tip: peel the limes, and then feel free to throw them in the jack lalanne juicer. or whatever you use to juice 'em. ben left the peel on?? and guess what. the juice was bitter. sigh. we added more honey and sriracha, and it was basically fixed....but still. let's do it the right way next time, shall we? because heck is it hard to juice those things by hand. so hard.
i need to glance at the recipe again, but i believe that is the saute mixture and chicken broth blended with the certain amount of peanut butter.
so it gets really frothy, see? so pretty.
then, as it heats up to a simmer, then a boil, it gets a bit thicker....
and it gets creamy:)
this is where you get your noodles, all done and unstuck with a hot water rinse, and put this dish together.
er....mix it up.
and this is the bowl of noodles i reheated for breakfast.
yummy leftovers, make no mistake!!!
sorry it looks weird.
that's just how it is. worms. the 3 younger siblings don't like this dish much.
but oh well.
try it sometime; you might absolutely love it:)
i'll try to get the link for the recipe site anna found it on.....sorry this is all i got until then. :P
... find the recipe here:)

It’s spring fever. That is what the name of it is. And when you’ve got it, you want—oh, you don’t quite know what it is you do want, but it just fairly makes your heart ache, you want it so!
[Mark Twain]