Tuesday, December 21, 2010

3 words: coffee. chocolate. creamcheese. ;)

It's cheesecake, dahlings!!
It happens to the best of us.....dishes waiting for attention...

Here's the recipe, but I'll type it out so you can copy and print it. ;) Or here's a the same recipe, but detailed. :)
2 c Oreos, crushed
4 tbsp and a tsp butter, melted
4 8-oz. cream cheese
1 c sugar
1 1/2 c chocolate chips, melted
1 tbsp vanilla
4 eggs
[optional: 16 Oreos coarsely chopped for topping.]
I ground some coffee beans into the finest powder my grinder could do. :)
Lovely cream cheese. Gosh, I was proud of myself today--hardly had any of the delicious batter.
Most times I OD on it....well, batter of any kind.... ;)
You can also use instant espresso powder, though I used about 1 cup of strongly brewed coffee, and the powder I ground. I didn't use any instant stuff this time.
Oreos!! I love them. I had ....well, only 3 or 4. I promise. Ahem.
Crush those up. 
View of the lovely counter. Heheh. 
Oh yum.
Can I help it that they're so good? Okay, so I ate that naturally-broken half.....
 Crushed up, awaiting some melted butter.
Vanilla. Another one of my favorite things. I always add extra to recipes that call for it. 
Some of the Oreo crust in a small one, for Jen and Craig. ;) ^^Batter, waiting to be poured into that small 6" and a larger one for our family. 
Bake at 325 for about an hour. 
I used 5 cream cheese and 5 eggs, altered it a bit, and it fit into that glass bread pan and the pie pan....I couldn't find our normal-sized cheesecake pan!! Golly. Hate it when things are lost like that. 
Ben said this was a good picture. Heh. :) Black coffee, Mahogany by Caribou. Unforgotten, the book I'm reading. And..my laptop, playing music and getting ready to blog this. 
It's not snowing, but it's foggy.
Here's a more detailed recipe for the cheesecake. I just made it shorter and less detailed because I've made it before. :) So...those of you who want it, here it is.

A friend shared the discovery of Audrey Assad with Anna, so my new favorite song by her is Restless.


CourtneyKeb said...

Sounds yummy!!!

Samantha said...

Yummmmm This is my favorite cheesecake....ok probably my favorite dessert. ;)

Yellow House said...

I am finally stopping by after a long blog break! The recipe looks amazing! I LOVE oreos!!!

Hanna said...

Sitting on the counter is my favorite thing. That is where I would spend hours talking with friends in the kitchen in Ill.

Marisa Hopkins said...

Oh man, I want to sit out your counter, drink coffee, and bake! Looks divine (I don't have sit-on-worthy counters).

YUM, btw. Sounds like it will taste amazing!

Oh Mandie said...

can I just say that my two biggest weaknesses in life are coffee and chessecake. You're killing me with this yummy post!!!!