Tuesday, December 14, 2010

a latte finds....and cookie ramblings. no joke.

starving artist ink. 
just really very interesting and creative:)

lattes and rainy days
she's amazing. and i just cried after reading this by her. it's heartbreaking.   

gregarious peach
it's darling, really. {beware: lots of cute babies!} one of her children's birth stories. just amazing.    
Well. I finished reading Screen Play around 1am. It was pretty good. 
I'm moving on to reading Unforgotten, since I read and finished Secrets right before the Chris Coppernoll books came in from the library.
Mom's Bible study was today. Michelle came with her children, and a gift of these seriously yummy chocolate-chip, oatmeal, coconut, and I-don't-know-what-else-is-in-them cookies. We're going to call her for the recipe, and hopefully someday I'll share it on here! :)
 I've had....oh, around 5. 
They're not as rich as the ones I had the other night, plus these are probably way healthier. Well, relatively. ;)
See what I mean? It was...oh, the 11th? Everyone else was watching mi-5 and I was sitting at the table on my laptop, eating these cookies, chatting with Heather.

I swear I consumed a dozen.
They were so buttery....white chocolate chippy....oatmeal....so good, in other words. :D
Isn't it weird when the sky is this color at night? I mean, weird, but cool and kind of pretty. But still. Unusual. 
And, to be random, which I never ever ever am, this song by Apocalyptica  is going through my head. It's not the worst thing to be running on repeat. Heh. 

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Chana said...

Oh! We both did cookie posts today:) YUM! You look pretty. You always do!