Thursday, December 9, 2010

winter, winter....and UP.

Why why why why oh why.
They're watching Up.
By them, I mean Lyd and Danny.
The first how-many-minutes of that movie makes me tear up or just flat out cry every.single.freaking.time.
I hate it.
Not that I hate crying.
I just....don't like that movie very much. I have this tedious hate/love thang with it. *sniff sniff*
It might slightly be related to the stuff Cristina wrote about today...
I love it when the character is quirky... down to earth. Deep. Ohmyword, it's snowing. I just looked out the window and there's a fine, constant dusting. Sigh. :)
Okay. Yeah. It can have great potential and plot, but that doesn't mean anything worth a flying fig to me if I don't like the characters.
Characters that remind me of my longings, my dreams; a character who shares some of my hopes and downfalls.  

It's snowing outside, and completely dark now.
It's 4:50pm.

I couldn't drink any coffee today until now, because the first batch I brewed was mostly a one-potter of Egg Nog by Berres Brothers. And to think I used to love their coffee. I have a theory why I can't stomach flavor-roasted beans anymore. But maybe I just outgrew them. Got an acquired taste for better quality...I don't know.

I've been obsessed with the song I'll be seeing you
The past hour I've sung nothing else.

And I've been brushing gesso into the porous flats of new canvases Ben made and framed today.

Christmas is coming, ya know, and sometimes I make gifts....hehe.
^^That right there is a mug I painted and had glazed and baked.
I love it. And it stays in the bottom of one of my clothes-drawers because that's just a dandy safe place to keep it. *laughs to self*
Yes. Over-whipped-but-still-yummy angel food cake.
And coffee.
Good webcam. I can at least rely on you to take self-portraits and lovely stuff like that. Even though sometimes the quality is so sucky.

This was Tuesday, the 7th.
Sunset time, and I love how winter makes a bunch of peach and blue shades on everything. Of course, that house on the right is really blue by itself, but that's beside the point. :)


Seizing My Day said...

I outgrew flavored coffee in my 20's... kinda... hazelnut is still acceptable for an "afternoon ... weaker cup" ... ;) Love your mug, excellent coffee, canvas' and snow!! Sounds like a great life! ;) he he...

Cristina said...

you don't like UP?
oh I love that movie.

Chana said...

I love your life! Wish I could just be you for one day!

Cassandra said...

That is such a nice sunset picture! Snow and sun...perfection.