Tuesday, December 7, 2010

getting kicked at chess.

Monday, December 6, 3:30-4:00pm.

Lyd's been kicking me at chess. of course, i've been skimming through modcloth's abundance of beauty on the side....
I've not played this brain game for a loooong time.
You can't blame me.
But it does require both right and left parts of my brain, so that's nice.
*laughs to self*

Littlest sister....
Meaghan Smith playing on the laptop.....
Younger bro trying to rescue my side of the game.
[Lyddie-boo and me...inbetween the little smartie kicking me at chess. Photo booth is so fun. Heheh.]

I love it.

Present day: Tuesday December 7
So...last night was yoga again.
Mondays end so well nowadays. ;)
I really enjoyed it. And as always, a few of the moves were killer. But oh.so.good. I feel it in my legs today.
Before yoga, Anna made a new recipe she googled for --vegetable curry-- and Nathan came over for dinner.
If last year was titled Soup, this year is titled Curry.
...Most of us were scared at the sight of it, but not the maker, of course.
I mean, really. It did not look appetizing at all.
When we came home from yoga around 6:30, everyone sat down for dinner.
It went over rice, and had a lot of different not-too-abnormal veggies in it, and the normal spices that go into a curry.
It just looked frickin' weird.
I don't criticize new foods that often at all; I like experimenting.
But this stuff? Oh gosh. *shakes head*
So we ate...everyone started digging in, carefully one spoon after another....and, turns out, it was pretty good.
The guys had multiple portions, actually.
Before dinner I started making Italian chocolate cake, and it finally got in the oven somewhere in the middle there. I brewed some coffee, and after dinner Lyddie challenged Nathan to a game of chess. For the record, he won by a few moves near the end. What can I say? Lyddie's a competitive little smartie, and his excuse was not having played for a few years.

It's rather a recurring obsession lately... Just over the past few days, Lyd's been into it, and earlier, if I heard right, she conquered Caleb in the game. Hah. Something I'll never do....

Random fact: I suck at ping-pong.
But as long as you don't expect me to do so well as to play for points, and you agree to play nice and just keep it on the table with me, we can do good.

Well, I'm off to paint. I'm trying to find a quote that sparks. Hmmm. Trying to find inspiration.
I have to vacuum later. That fact is probably putting a cap on my inspiration. Hah.

This dress makes me think of summer. Sigh.

p.s.: the color of Apple Barrel Colors' "turquoise", Meaghan Smith, and natural light through the windows is inspiration. Serious inspiration. :) 

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ladaisi said...

I just love the floral pattern on this dress.

Beautiful black and white photographs!

Just stopping by to say thank you so much for entering my giveaway! Can't wait to see who wins.

- Lauren